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  • Now is time to enforce standards

    As I was sitting at my desk conducting my daily duties, all I could hear was the roar of jet engines preparing for the air show. A subordinate of mine consistently asked me questions about what was going on, so I told her, "grab your hat and let's go see."This was a perfect opportunity for us to get out of the office and for me to share my 11 years
  • POW/MIA run offers reflection on sacrifices

    As I stood in formation on the morning of Sept. 21, I could see two flags through the thick fog that hung low over the President George W. Bush Air Park at Moody Field. The American flag flew high over the base, its prestige illuminated in the darkness. The other was a Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Flag held by an Airman at the head of the
  • A better understanding of vRED

    I want to tell you a story of something that happens all too often. This story is not about just one person, but many who have gone through the same situation.One day out of nowhere, we were faced with the loss of one of our own. That person was a leader, follower and wingman who had deployed many times into harms way.When he was alive, he was a
  • My job is prosecuting sexual assault

    Here's a simple truth...sexual offenders reject our core values of integrity, service and excellence, in favor of following their own base, undisciplined, criminal desires. Most sexual assaults committed by Airmen are "blue on blue," or Airmen victimizing other Airmen. So in addition to rejecting our core values, these undisciplined Airmen reject
  • My big fat story: Suggestions from the 'fat guy'

    This is a continuation of a recent article titled "My big fat story: Healthy eating, exercise key to improved lifestyle" written by William Fowler, 23d Civil Engineer Squadron environmental compliance supervisor, who lost 142 pounds. Suggestions from the "Fat Guy"1) Doctor's approval: Please get your doctor's approval before starting your lifestyle
  • What are your plans for Memorial Day?

    As the Memorial Day weekend approaches and Americans pack their bags for vacation, head to the pool to begin the summer, or rush to be first in line for a sale. Most people will not take time to think about the very day that is cause for a break from work and school. Memorial Day is not another day for the culture of "me". It is a day for
  • CSA to GTC Process Implementation

    The Air Force has recently decided to transition from the Controlled Spend Account (CSA) travel cards to an enhanced Government Travel Card (GTC) program by the end of fiscal year 2012.The transition will be transparent to cardholders: What should I do with the blue CSA card? Keep the card and continue using it for official travel requirements.
  • My big fat story: Healthy eating, exercise key to improved lifestyle

    One day after coming home from work I sat on the bed because I felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest. I felt extreme chest pressure and I was scared. My wife took me to the Chest Pain Clinic at South Georgia Medical Center where I was kept overnight for a cardiac catheterization. Fortunately the damage was not severe enough for surgery,
  • Holocaust remembrance

    Imagine walking into a circular room the size of a large hotel suite. You step out onto a suspended platform right in the middle, where you can look out over the edge. The walls are black and filled with bookshelves made to fit three-inch, three-ring binders. Each binder has hundreds of handwritten biographies, chronicling the stories of people
  • My underwater experience

    Team Moody has been reaching out to single Airmen across the base to try to open them up to new life experiences.This program is called the Single Airmen Initiative and has hosted a few adventures already, and its latest excursion was the discover scuba course.Discover scuba is a course that is designed to give you a chance to get the feel for