Requests For Public Affairs Support

Requests for Public Affairs support to include but not limited to group photos, ceremony documentation, photography/videography support for training purposes, unit highlights, etc. must be submitted to using the AF Form 833.

Command Information

The Command Information program helps link Airmen and their leaders through a free flow of timely and accurate news and information. Its primary purpose is to tell the Air Force story. The program also explains how policies, programs and operations affect Airmen.

This site is our primary information tool.
Here, you can find useful information and helpful links:
-Public Affairs and other important phone numbers
-Commanders Direct Line
-Latest stories from Moody, Air Combat Command, Air Force Link
-Biographies and factsheets
-Newcomers information

Publication submissions 
To publicize an event on the Moody AFB public website, fill out all pertinent information using the AF Form 833 and send to To check out a self-help camera, please call the Public Affairs office at 229-257-4146 (DSN: 460-4146).

Media Relations

The Media Operations program maintains liaison with civilian media. They are responsible for receiving and responding to queries from news media to include local and regional media outlets. They coordinate arrangements for interviews with subject matter experts and are responsible for escorting them on the military installation. Additionally, they provide assistance with news conferences and facilitates media operation centers for contingency operations.

The Hometown News Service provides news releases about Army and Air Force people to newspapers, radio stations and television stations in their hometowns. Airmen can submit a Hometown News Release, electronically by clicking on this link.

Submissions can include a photo: minimum output 150 dpi, image size 4x5 to 5x7, JPEG format- compressed no lower than 60 percent, and saved as the submitter's last name.

Appropriate newsworthy events for submission include promotions, graduations, new assignments, awards, decorations, re-enlistments, retirements, etc.

Submissions are reviewed by 23d Wing Public Affairs before forwarding to the Army and Air Force Hometown News Service. Incomplete forms and non-compliant photos will not be approved.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement program is designed to integrate military and civilian communities to build public confidence and support for the U.S. Air Force.

The program serves as the main focal point of communication between local citizens and the base. Moody's Community Engagement program is heavily involved in coordinating and facilitating aerial requests, base tours and community and base events.

To request a tour, please send the Tour Request Form to the Public Affairs office 30-90 days before the requested tour date. Tours are limited to 45 people.

For anyone visiting the installation without base access, the Entry Authorization Letter will need to be completed and returned to the Public Affairs office no later than two weeks prior to the event date to allow time for the 23rd Security Forces Squadron to run background checks on people over the age of 18 years-old.


In order to take photos on the flightline, members are required to have a Flightline Photo Authorization Letter, to be coordinated through the Public Affairs office. Required information includes: first and last name, organization, type of imagery collecting, purpose, name of escort and requested dates.


For speaker requests, demonstrations, etc., please fill out the Personnel Request Form with as much information as possible and send to the Public Affairs Office (


For static displays or flyover requests, please visit, once you have a SAF Approval Number and the DD 2535 is generated, please send both the Public Affairs org box. You can also go back to the SAF/PA aerial support website to check the status of your request.

Social Media


AUTHORITY: Title 10 United States Code 8013, Secretary of the Air Force and AFI 35-105.

PURPOSE: The contact information requested from each individual will be used to facilitate the coordination of their request and to ensure positive contact can be maintained throughout the execution of their event.

ROUTINE USES: A record from a system of records maintained by a Component may be disclosed to a federal agency, in response to its request, in connection with the hiring or retention of an employee, the issuance of a security clearance, the reporting of an investigation of an employee, the letting of a contract, or the issuance of a license, grant, or other benefit by the requesting agency, to the extent that the information is relevant and necessary to the requesting agency's decision on the matter.

DISCLOSURE: Mandatory. Failure to provide contact information will result in request not being accommodated.