CSA to GTC Process Implementation

  • Published
  • By Allen Carter
  • 23d Comptroller Squadron
The Air Force has recently decided to transition from the Controlled Spend Account (CSA) travel cards to an enhanced Government Travel Card (GTC) program by the end of fiscal year 2012.

The transition will be transparent to cardholders:
  • What should I do with the blue CSA card? Keep the card and continue using it for official travel requirements. Do not throw it away. The card will automatically convert to a GTC.
  • What is required of me? Nothing as of right now. It will be business as usual and you will still be expected to submit travel vouchers within five days upon your return. Use your CSA/GTC for all official travel requirements, and split disburse payments to Citibank to pay your outstanding balance in full.
  • Will I still need to call for Temporary Spend Limits (TSLs)? No, once your card has been transferred you will once again be provided with a permanent credit limit, eliminating the need for TSLs.
  • Can I call Citibank and switch back to a GTC? No, you must continue using your CSA. The gray GTCs are no longer available.
  • Does this mean that those with the gray GTC need replacements? No, the gray GTC cards (current cardholders) are valid cards. The gray cards will be replaced as they expire.
  • Does Total Trip Reimbursement policy to Citibank still apply? 1. Submit travel vouchers within five business days of completion of travel. 2. Split-disburse all undisputed expenses charged to the CSA/GTC on your voucher.
  • When will the transition occur? Citibank will convert more than 150,000 CSA accounts in August 2012 and another 150,000 accounts in September 2012.

GTC enhancements:
  • Defense Travel system default settings will be changed to automatically align most non-mileage expenses to the card.
  • Travelers can split-disburse any residual funds to his/her personal account.
  • Travelers can request electronic fund transfers of credit balances to their bank account.

If you have questions, please contact your squadron APCs. For Citibank Customer Service call 1-877-784-1407 (US and Territories). Moody's Financial Services Flight will be able to assist during this transition and answer any questions that you or your unit may have about the program. For questions, members can contact Financial Services at 229-257-1482/5233 or via email at 23 CPTS/FSO <23cpts.fso@moody.af.mil>