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  • At my worst, you had my back

    Just over a month ago, I took command of the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing (AGOW). It might be a bit of an understatement to say that this is my dream job. This is my third assignment in the AGOW. I was a squadron commander, vice wing commander, and now the wing commander. One thing I can say with confidence: I love this wing and its three
  • 'Difficult Conversations' sparks different perspectives

    We’ve all been there: the “volun-told,” mandated Air Force training that you begrudgingly attended. These training sessions are intended to leave a person feeling enlightened and positive that any necessary changes will happen soon and swiftly. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for today’s Airmen.
  • Intentional Parenting

    As a parent, you’re building memories whether you’re intentional or not. So here’s the question, are they going to be good memories or bad memories?
  • Necessary, but not sufficient

    What does it mean to be essential or non-essential? How does this cause us to see ourselves?
  • Being in Two Places at One Time

    During this COVID-19 pandemic, let's use prayer to help us be in two places at one time.
  • Combating Loneliness

    Hello friends, this is Chaplain Cuneio with a thought for the day about loneliness. Carol Kinsey Goman in her article entitled, Don’t Let Physical Distancing Become Social Distancing, highlighted the guidelines in our present crisis by stating, “Work from home, don’t meet in person - or if you must get together, keep your social distance!” But she also highlighted something else of vital importance by asserting this: She said, “As we increase our efforts to fend off the spread of the COVID-19, we need to watch that we aren’t worsening another threat to public health: and that is loneliness.”
  • First Impressions

    Let me ask you all a question: As a leader, have you ever formed a quick impression of an Airman before they said or did anything? Essentially, the quick impression is based on how you size them up, how they look to you, and then you quickly conclude by saying to yourself, “I don’t think that Airman is what I need for the mission.”
  • The 18th WS transitions to fight future wars

    An organizational vision provides direction and unites a team by illustrating the future of that team. For the “Mighty” 18th Weather Squadron our new vision is, “Integrating Environmental Supremacy to Win Our Nation’s Wars.” To accomplish that vision, guided by Squadron Commander Lt. Col. James C. Caldwell, the men and women of the 18th WS, who
  • 93d AGOW stands up operations support squadrons

    The transformation from a community to a weapons system has required a new way of thinking and approaching the TACP mission sets. To support the TACP major weapon system and ensure the Air Force provides this no-fail capability to the Army, the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing stood up two new squadrons in place of the 712th ASOS and its sister squadron, the 682d ASOS. The new operations support squadrons activated last year will relieve the burden of support from ASOS commanders and allow them to focus on the TACP major weapon system missions.
  • Moody Pharmacy improves customer service, reduces wait time

    We are pleased to announce and share with our 23d Medical Group Pharmacy Beneficiaries, the 23d Medical Group Pharmacy continues to make improvements to increase efficiencies, dispense safe pharmaceuticals, and provide a positive experience to all of our 27,000 beneficiaries. Here are a couple improvements we recently made and a few other