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23d Wing



23D Wing Mission: Attack, Rescue, Prevail to Win Today's Fight The 23d Wing's mission is to optimally organize, train, equip and deploy precision attack, personnel recovery, and combat support to win today's fight. We will exemplify the selflessness of our heritage, with the courage to create our own legacy of excellence.

Vision: Resilient - Adaptable - Always Ready The 23d Wing organizes, trains and employs combat-ready A-10C, HC-130J, HH-60G, Guardian Angel Weapons System. The 23d Wing is home to the Air Force’s legendary “Flying Tigers” and consists of five groups, with 21 squadrons comprised of more than 4,000 Airmen, over 700 civilian employees and over 71 aircraft at two locations throughout the continental U.S. The wing provides A-10C Thunderbolt II aircraft for close air support, forward air control and combat support for combatant commander requirements worldwide. The 23d Wing also provides combat search and rescue and personnel recovery capabilities through the employment of HC-130J Combat King IIs, HH-60G Pave Hawks, and Guardian Angel weapon systems. The wing has units at Moody AFB, Ga., and Avon Park Air Force Range, Fla.

Priorities: 1. Airmen, 2. Prepare for tomorrow, 3. Ready forces.



   23d Mission Support Group

The 23d Mission Support Group, based at Moody AFB, trains, equips and deploys personnel support forces to build, protect and sustain air bases worldwide for combat air operations. There are six squadrons aligned under the 23 MSG to include a security forces squadron, a civilian engineering squadron, a contracting squadron, a logistical support squadron, a force support squadron, and a communications squadron.

    23d Medical Group

The 23rd Medical Group, based at Moody AFB, provides outpatient medical, dental, occupational, environmental and preventive healthcare services in support of two combat ready wings. The group's 280 staff members serve more than 10.1K beneficiaries with an $10.8 million annual operation budget.

    23d Maintenance Group

The 23rd Maintenance Group is responsible for the operation and quality of organization and intermediate-level maintenance and repair supporting a combat-ready HC-130, HH-60 and A-10 wing. The group oversees the 23rd Wing's maintenance training program and ensures the work force qualification and capability for worldwide development of personnel and cargo. The maintenance group also supports the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing.

    23d Fighter Group

The 23d Fighter Group directs the flying operations for the USAF's largest A-10C fighter group, consisting of two combat-ready A-10C squadrons and an operations support squadron. The 23d Fighter Group became part of the 23d Wing at Moody AFB on August 18, 2006. The group ensures overall combat training and readiness for over 90 pilots and 180 support personnel.

    347th Rescue Group

The 347th Rescue Group is based at Moody AFB and consists of one HH-60G rescue squadron, one HC-130P rescue squadron, one Guardian Angel squadron and one operational support squadron. The 347th Rescue Group directs flying of the oldest U.S. Air Force active duty operations group dedicated to personnel recovery. .

Avon Park Air Force Range, 23d Wing Avon Park Air Force Range (APAFR) is Air Combat Command's largest air to ground/ground to ground training facility east of the Mississippi river and is located in southern Florida. Activities include managing special use airspace and scheduling range assets, coordinating access, and providing facilities both at Mac Dill AFB and APAFR. The Deployed Unit Complex, located at Mac Dill AFB, provides operations and maintenance facilities, aircraft parking ramp, aerospace ground equipment, vehicle support and munitions storage for deployed flying units. APAFR facilities include, but are not limited to: airfield, control tower, numerous structures, 106,000 acres of training area, 5,800 nautical miles of special use airspace, and two impact areas. Range users include, but are not limited to: ACC air-ground units, the Navy's Atlantic Fleet, AFSOC, AFCENT, SOCOM, JSOC, FLANG (tenant), Air National Guard, State Department, coalition forces, and various other local and state government agencies.