Area Defense Counsel

Our primary responsibility is to our client. Constrained only by ethical limits, we are authorized by law to enter into attorney-client relationships and to oppose the government of the United States, in order to promote the individual interests of service members we represent without regard to how our actions might otherwise affect the Air Force as an institution. We are bound by applicable Air Force Instructions and Manuals, the Air Force Rules of Professional Responsibility, the Air Force Standards for the Administration of Criminal Justice, and the court rules that apply to the circuits in which we practice. Depending on the circumstances, we may also be bound by other laws, regulations, and instructions as well as the ethics rules of our state bars. We are commanded by AFLSA/CC and are supervised by the Air Force Judiciary supervisory chain. We operate independently from the command and supervision chains that govern the Air Force units and locations that we support (except for the typical support that is provided by host commands to tenant units). It is essential to the proper and fair operation of the military justice system that all clients receive effective and timely defense services.