I have a Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP) letter from my recruiter, but could not file it with my PiPS voucher. How do I get my leave back?Please submit a copy of the recruiter-provided letter to the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members. The letter must contain your name, rank, social security number, and the dates you participated in RAP. This letter must also be signed by your recruiter's Commander. Please verify via LeaveWeb that your leave has been charged before submitting the letter.

Can Finance assist me with Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) questions?
Only to inquire the amount contributed to your GI bill thus far. If you have questions pertaining to MGIB refunds, benefits or eligibility you will need to contact the Education Office.

Do I get BAH while in a PCS status between bases?
Yes, you continue to receive BAH at the rate applicable to you based upon grade and dependency status. If you are PCSing OCONUS to CONUS, traveling PCS between OCONUS locations, or you are en-route to your first duty station (and not to an additional tech school) you will receive BAH-T while in travel status. If you are traveling from one CONUS PDS to another CONUS or travelling to a OCONUS location, you will receive the BAH rate for your old PDS until the day you report to your new PDS, at which time you will receive BAH for the new PDS (CONUS). This rate will continue until you report to your new PDS, even if you are taking leave or participating in the Recruiter's Assistance Program en-route to your PCS.

Do I need receipts for my accrual voucher?
No, you do not need to provide any receipts with your accrual. However, you must save your receipts as you will need them when you return from your TDY and complete your final settlement voucher. Remember, accrual vouchers are considered travel advances and will be factored in when your final voucher is paid.

Does changing my state of legal residence change my home of record?
No, changing your state of legal residence only impacts the state you claim for state income tax purposes. This transaction has no bearing on your home of record as specified with the military personnel flight.

Half of my allotment came out of my mid-month pay, but the bank didn't receive the funds. Why?
The Defense Finance & Accounting Service disburses allotments once per month. Although funds are collected at mid-month, they are not paid to a banking institution. The disbursement to the bank or receiving institution takes place at the beginning of each month. Allotments are collected evenly from both pay periods to minimize fluctuations in the amount of pay you receive. For example, if you have an allotment of $100 per month, your two paychecks for the month will each show a deduction of $50. The full $100 payment is made to the bank at the end of the month.

How can I file for my Family Separation Allowance (FSA)?To file for FSA, you must have approved TDY orders for official travel in excess of 30 days. In addition, you must submit a DD Form 1561 (Statement to Substantiate Payment of Family Separation Allowance), along with a copy (back and front) of your TDY orders to the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members. Alternatively if you did not receive FSA during your TDY you may file a DD Form 1561 with your final settlement voucher, and it will be paid as a lump-sum for the duration of the TDY.

How do I stop my deployed entitlements when I return?
Your deployed entitlements are stopped when you file your final travel voucher. If in reviewing your LES, you notice your entitlements have not stopped and you have received payment for your travel voucher, please contact your local Finance Office via the DTS help org box at Please note: Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) and Combat Zone Tax Exclusion (CZTE) are paid for the entire month, regardless if you were only in the qualifying areas for one day.

How long do I need to be TDY or deployed to receive Hardship Duty Pay (HDP)?
You must be on duty over 30 days in an area that qualifies for Hardship Duty Pay before the entitlement can begin. HDP-L is a daily entitlement and is prorated after the initial 30 days.

How often can I file an accrual voucher?
Non-Defense Travel System (DTS) TDYs exceeding 45 days qualify for accrual or interim payments. The first accrual may be filed 30 days after departure date from your duty station. You will continue to submit accruals once every 30 days thereafter. To file your non-DTS accrual travel voucher, please visit vMPF on the AF Portal. Lastly, when submitting accrual vouchers, please forward a copy of your orders (front and back) to your servicing Finance Office in the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members to ensure your accrual is processed in a timely manner.

I am married to another military member, and one of us is deploying. Who would be entitled to Family Separation Allowance (FSA)?
The military member on orders causing the separation (i.e. the one deploying), will be the one receiving all deployed entitlements including FSA.

I just arrived my new duty station, but was not able to see my mid-month pay statement in MyPay. Is this normal?
Yes. Although your monthly LES is available, the mid-month pay statement is not available while you are in-transit between bases. Once you have accomplished your in-processing voucher, questionnaire, and briefing and have been gained into the Finance system accordingly, you will be able to view your mid-month pay statement once again.

I made my allotment after I received my mid-month paycheck, how will my allotment work?
Allotments are set to deduct half of the full allotment amount on each pay period (1st half from the mid month, 2nd half from the end of month paycheck). However, the allotment must meet the amount quota at the end of the month; therefore, it will take the whole amount from your end of month if created after your mid-month paycheck. Allotments are programmed to only pay at the end of the month so the amount quota must be met by then.

I need my MyPay pin reset, and I have not received the email to reset it.
For civilians, please visit our office to have your PIN reset and you will be provided with a temporary PIN. As a security precaution, you must visit our office with your CAC to conduct the reset. A PIN reset cannot be accomplished on your behalf, even with a special power of attorney.

I would like to establish a different account for my paycheck to be paid to. How can I set that up?
Log into MyPay, and under "Direct Deposit," you can make changes to the banking institution information. You will need your Account Number, Bank Routing Number, and whether the account is a checking or savings account. The updates should be effective during your next pay period. NOTE: We recommend you make the changes within 1-3 days after you have receive your paycheck to ensure your next payment goes to your new account. Additionally, do not close your former account until you are sure your paycheck has been deposited into your new account.

My rank has changed. Do I need to visit you to make any updates?
If you just had a change in rank, you do not need to visit Finance as promotion data automatically flows from the personnel system to the military pay system. If your LES does not reflect your new rank within 30 days, please visit your servicing Military Personnel Flight for an update.

My travel voucher paid out but I need a copy of the voucher summary for my records. Is there a way to request a voucher summary for any of my recently paid vouchers?
Yes. You may request this through the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members.

Upon PCS, when do my overseas allowances stop?
Your OHA stops the day you vacate economy quarters and terminate the contract with housing. Your COLA, however, stops the date prior to your port call date or departure from the local area if you are driving to another USAFE duty station. You will be in a "travel status" and receive your Basic pay, BAS and BAH-T rate until you report to your new duty station.

What are the guidelines for Advance Military Pay?
Up to 3 months of your basic pay, less deductions, may be advanced within 30 days of PCS or up to 60 days after arrival at new duty station. All advances for military members, E-4 or higher, that are requesting one month advance pay may submit their advance request via the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members.
Those members requesting more than one month's advance, are of the pay grade E-3 or below, requesting a repayment of more than 12 months, or are requesting advances 61-180 days after arriving on station must complete a DD Form 2560 ( Advance Pay Certification), accomplish Part II with Part V accomplished by your Unit Commander. Please submit this form and a copy of your PCS orders (back and front) to the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members.
The normal turn around for your advance is 3-5 business days with funds transferred to your current Military Pay bank account. Repayment is deducted from your pay over a 12 month period or up to 24 months with proper justification and commander approval.

What does the term “Advance Debt” on my LES mean?
Due to recent changes to your pay record (transitioning during a PCS, returning from deployment, etc) there has been a debt posted to your record. If you have an advance debt on your record, please notify your Servicing Finance Office immediately to schedule a possible repayment option, via the Comptroller Services Portal or the org box for “” members. Please note, you have a 30 day grace period beginning from the day the debt initially reflected on your LES. If no action is taken during this period, the debt will be recouped in full on the following pay period.

What is Dislocation Allowance (DLA)?
DLA is an allowance designed to help offset the cost of moving your household from one location to another in connection with a PCS or other government funded move. DLA is a flat amount based on your rank and dependency status, and can be used for any purpose. DLA is claimed and paid on your PCS voucher. For military members E-4 and below (3 years or less in service), please provide a letter from your installation unaccompanied housing manager to receive DLA.

Who do I contact regarding issues with the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)?
Any questions concerning your TSP account should be directed to the Thrift Savings Plan Website at or you may call 1-TSP-YOU-FRST (1-877-968-3778). To change withholding for TSP, please use myPay. To change the allocation of your contributions between TSP funds, use the TSP Website.

I recently changed by marital or dependency status with MPF.  Do I need to change my marital/dependency status with Finance, too?

Yes.  Updates to marital and/or dependency status do not cross flow from MPF to Finance and must be updated with each organization to ensure proper pay entitlements.