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  • Photojournalist: not that kind of PJ

    I showed up at the 71st Rescue Squadron expecting to tag along on a training flight in an HC-130P Combat King: some Airmen were going to be jumping out of the plane, and I was going to take pictures. Airmen were huddled around the operations desk, but the vibe was different today. I could tell

  • Remember to change your smoke detector battery

    The staff of the Moody Fire Prevention office is urging everyone to make a potentially life-saving move when they set their clocks back one hour Nov. 2: take a moment to change their smoke alarm batteries.Turning the clocks back will already be on the 'to-do' list for the majority of households. But

  • School bus safety: Obey law, lights to protect children

    (Editor's note: School Bus Safety Week takes place Oct. 20 through 24. Drivers are reminded to obey all safety laws regarding school buses at all times.)When we kiss our kids goodbye and watch them board a school bus, we assume they will be safe.  Although riding a bus to and from school is just

  • Online vigilance helps reduce risk

    I received at least five emails last week warning me to secure my social media settings and be aware of what I post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Why? Do you not like to see what I had for dinner last night? Too many #selfies? Are photos of my dog eating a popsicle offensive? (In my defense,

  • Moody celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    October is widely known for Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness and the candy lover's dream -- Halloween. Aside from that, Congress has designated this month as National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) in an effort to educate and raise awareness about disability

  • Life is moving, move with it

    "You can't be neutral on a moving train" is a famous quote, and the title of a memoir and documentary about the life of author, historian and activist Howard Zinn. What this means is that things are happening all around us, and everything in life is moving in a certain direction. In the Air Force,

  • Christine

    It's a time honored tradition to name our aircrafts, and some legends state bestowing a name will bring a long and prosperous life. I wasn't there when Christine, HC-130P Combat King 65-0983, was given her name, but I was the last Crew Chief to watch over her. Since arrival at Moody AFB in 2001,

  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

     Statistically, if you take six random American women and put them all in a room, ne of them has been or will be the victim of a rape or an attempted rape sometime in her life. Sexual assault is a pervasive, universal problem - no one is safe from sexual assault. Men, women and children can all

  • Stand up for children...there's no excuse for child abuse

    April is designated as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Communities across the country have recognized that everyone can participate in efforts to eliminate this serious threat to children. During this month, the Department of Defense, schools, businesses, hospitals, religious organizations,

  • How Much Did That Drink Cost You?

    An arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can cost you big. Whether an Airman is caught off-base or on-base, the impacts can greatly affect one's career. Automatically, your on-base driving privileges will be revoked for a year. And the consequences only begin there. If you are arrested