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Due to our current public health emergency and the HPCON CHARLIE status, the legal office will be limiting certain services and shifting to telephonic appointments.

  1. Retirees & Dependents. We will continue to offer legal assistance appointments telephonically, but are suspending all in-person services for retirees and dependents.. Telephonic appointments will be scheduled on Wednesday mornings from 0930 to 1130. The attorney will call the client at the scheduled time and request the client’s DoD ID number for our system records. At this time we will not be accepting walk-ins, nor will we be offering notary services.
  2. Active Duty. Walk-in services for active-duty members are currently suspended. Legal assistance appointments will be telephonic. Please have your DoD ID Number ready, and be prepared promptly at the scheduled appointment time. For notary and POA services, please call ahead to ensure that you have the correct POA generated so that we can limit the amount of time and the number of people in our office. Wills will be scheduled on Tuesday afternoons from 1300 to 1500. For all POAs and Wills, you must first go to our website and complete an online worksheet: Please carefully read the different types of POAs to ensure you select the correct form
    1. Our office lobby will be limited to a maximum of 3 people. You may be asked to wait outside if there are too many people in the lobby.

Please bring your own blue pen to appointments, to limit the amount of cross-contact.


Eligibility: Legal assistance is available to active -duty personnel, including National Guard and Reservists on Title 10 status, their dependents, and retired military personnel, regardless of service branch or unit of assignment. Attorney-client confidentiality is strictly observed.

Notary and Power of Attorney Hours: The office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for walk-in notary and power of attorney services. For our deploying clients, we have a "Moody Special Power of Attorney" that includes 15 different items, including ID cards, taxes, finances, typically needed by a person when their spouse deploys. For the Moody Special POA, you may simply come into the office during walk-in hours. A worksheet and ticket number from the website is not needed. For all other power of attorneys, please see instructions below and have your ticket number ready when you arrive.

General Legal Assistance: Appointments for general legal assistance are available Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. to11:30 a.m. For our deploying clients and others who are unavailable during these times, we will accommodate your schedule and arrange a time that works best for you. Appointments may be made up to one month in advance of the appointment date. Legal Assistance information is also available at the Air Force Legal Assistance Webpage,, and may be a good starting point before scheduling an appointment with an attorney. Our attorneys provide advice on landlord/tenant law; domestic and family law; and consumer affairs issues. Our attorneys cannot represent you on legal matters of a personal and civil nature. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to find and hire a civilian lawyer.

Will Appointments: Appointments for wills are available on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Appointments will be made in 30 minute increments and may be made up to one month in advance of the appointment date.

Deploying Active Duty Will Appointments: Active-duty deploying personnel will be given preference for appointments and will be scheduled as needed.

Procedure for Obtaining a Will or Power of Attorney: Before calling to schedule an appointment for a will or coming in for a Power of Attorney, please go to
a. Click on tab "Legal Worksheets"
b. Complete worksheet for documents you wish to have created.
c. Save your ticket number.
d. Call our office at 229-257-3414 to schedule an appointment with your ticket number.