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Every member of the Air Force family is vital to the success of our mission. Without maintaining a proper work-life balance and offering resources to help ensure that stability, we leave our Airmen and their families susceptible to unhealthy lifestyles. As part of a continuous effort to help our Airmen and their families, Moody has incorporated several programs in support of new and expectant mothers as well as those who experience infertility complications or the loss of a child.       

Moody is offering pregnancy support programs to include nursing stations, pregnancy/post-partum classes, and the Airmen’s Angel program. If you are in need of any assistance during your pregnancy, after birth, with infertility issues or the loss of a child, these programs are available to assist you. 

For more information about the programs, click on the flyers and links provided at this page. You can also contact Phaydra Crews, 23d Wing community support coordinator, at 229-257-9472 or for any questions. 


Airmens Angels