23d Mission Support Group


The 23d Mission Support Group trains, equips and deploys personnel support forces to build, protect and sustain air bases worldwide for combat air operations.

There are six squadrons aligned under the 23d MSG to support the group's mission:
23d Civil Engineer Squadron

The 23d Civil Engineer Squadron trains and deploys combat engineer forces for the 23d Wing to build, sustain, and operate expeditionary air bases worldwide. The squadron programs, designs, constructs and maintains base infrastructure and facilities. The squadron also provides fire protection and crash rescue, disaster preparedness, explosive ordnance disposal and are the base environmental stewards.

    23d Communications Squadron

The 23d Communications Squadron trains and deploys combat communicators to implement and sustain C4I systems for expeditionary air bases worldwide. The squadron directs operations, maintenance, and planning of the Network Control Center, radar, meteorological and navigational aids, and communications and visual information systems.

23d Contracting Squadron

The 23d Contracting Squadron provides best-value contracting support and business solutions to enable the rapid deployment, beddown and sustainment of combat forces for the 23d Wing and its tenant units at home or deployed worldwide. The squadron directs the Government Purchase Card and Quality Assurance Personnel programs and executes worldwide contingency contracting operations.

     23d Logistics Readiness Squadron

The 23d Logistics Readiness Squadron is the single focal point for all logistics support for the 23d Wing, and the 820th Security Forces Group enabling combat training and worldwide deployment capability. The squadron manages, controls, and/or coordinates all programs involving deployment plans, vehicles, parts storage and distribution, support agreements, official travel, war reserve materiel, household goods, equipment accountability, and petroleum, oils, and lubricants.

    23d Force Support Squadron

The 23d Force Support Squadron trains and deploys personnel support forces to build, protect and sustain air bases for worldwide operations. The squadron provides support in the areas of child development, food service, lodging, recreation, fitness, mortuary affairs, and youth services, as well as promoting individual, unit, family, and community well-being.

The squadron also provides force management support for the 23d Wing and is responsible for resource services to military and civilian personnel and 28,000 family members and retirees. The squadron directs Military and Civilian Personnel programs, Airman Leadership School, Family Support Center, Manpower, and Base Education and Training.

    23d Security Forces Squadron

The 23d Security Forces Squadron organizes, trains and deploys combat security forces to sustain worldwide air base and combat search and rescue operations. The squadron also provides home station security services. The squadron manages law enforcement, resource protection, protection level 1-4 security, antiterrorism, and combat arms training programs.

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