Our continuing commitment to be good environmental stewards and to continually improve our environmental performance is an important part of the mission at Moody Air Force Base (AFB). We ensure the quality of our environmental stewardship through aggressive pollution prevention, restoration, natural resources conservation, and environmental compliance initiatives. 

We must continue to fully integrate environmental concerns in all phases of operations at Moody AFB. We are committed to comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and Air Force environmental laws and regulations.

By promoting a truly cross-functional approach to environmental stewardship, Moody AFB will ensure that ownership and responsibility for protecting and enhancing our environment rests not with one office or squadron, but with the entire 23d Wing.
- Maintain an effective environmental management system (EMS), promote the use of technologies and operating practices, and remain ready to respond to emergencies in order to improve our environmental performance and minimize adverse impacts to installation workers, their families, and the environment.
- Set environmental goals, measure progress, take corrective action when necessary, and communicate results and other environmental information regarding the installation's operations and its environmental accomplishments to workers, the community, suppliers, regulators and the public.
- Investigate and evaluate new and innovative technologies as appropriate, establish and implement an effective pollution prevention program, minimize the generation of wastes, recycle materials destined to become waste and dispose of any remaining wastes in an environmentally responsible manner.
- Ensure the responsible use of energy throughout the installation, including the adoption of innovative procedures that will conserve energy and improve energy efficiency. 
Moody has an Environmental Element which is comprised of several sections. These sections work in tandem to manage and maintain a healthy environment and ecology both in and around the base.

- EMS/NEPA: Planning to minimize environmental impact
- Restoration: Cleaning environmental damage
- Resources: Managing finite natural and cultural resources
- Compliance: Meeting all environmental standards
- Prevention: Eliminating pollution before it occurs

Copies of decision-making documents and information about the environmental restoration process are available for review at the Moody Air Force Base Environmental Restoration Office located in the 23d Civil Engineer Squadron.

These same documents also are available in electronic format at http://afcec.publicadmin-record.us.af.mil. The Information Repository/Administrative Record can also be reviewed by setting up an appointment with the Moody Air Force Base Restoration Program Manager by calling the phone number listed below.

For more information about MAFB's environmental cleanup program and its activities, contact:

Environmental Restoration Program Manager
3485 Georgia Street
Moody AFB GA 31699-1707
Phone: 229-257-5812


Solid Waste Reduction - Moody AFB, in agreement with Greenway Services Incorporated, is taking an active part by promoting and integrating methods for reducing the amount of solid waste generated through reuse and recycling of waste materials.

Air Management - Maintaining clean air is a priority for Moody AFB, and our environmental element works with AFCEC and the Georgia EPD to make sure the air around the installation is clean and safe to breathe.  Moody AFB has a synthetic minor air permit that monitors air emissions from stationary sources on the base, such as aircraft painting operations and the use of generators.  Personnel are reminded to make sure that all air emission-generating processes are current and that all safe-guards are in place to minimize any potential air pollutants.  For more information on this program, contact the Moody AFB Air Program manager at 257-3849.