• HH-60W Jolly Green II

    The HH-60W replaced HH-60Gs as a dedicated dedicated Combat Rescue Helicopter. Its mission is to recover isolated personnel from austere locations with various threats, and to conduct humanitarian missions, medical evacuations, disaster relief, and more.

  • HC-130J Combat King II

    The HC-130J replaces HC-130P/Ns as the only dedicated fixed-wing Personnel Recovery platform in the Air Force inventory. It is an extended-range version of the C-130J Hercules transport. Its mission is to rapidly deploy to execute combatant commander directed recovery operations to austere airfields

  • A-10C Thunderbolt II

    A-10C Thunderbolt IIs have excellent maneuverability at low air speeds and altitude, and are highly accurate weapons-delivery platforms. They can loiter near battle areas for extended periods of time and operate under 1,000-foot ceilings (303.3 meters) with 1.5-mile (2.4 kilometers) visibility.