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Moody Bridge Chat

Moody Bridge Chat Videos

Video by Airman 1st Class Whitney Gillespie
Moody Bridge Chat:Spirituality for Resilience
23rd Wing Public Affairs
Jan. 27, 2023 | 4:27
Air Combat Command's January Bridge Chat is Spirituality for Resilience. Resiliency is the ability to withstand and bounce back from life's obstacles. Having a strong spiritual core aids in being a well-rounded Airman, all while bolstering individual resilience. (U.S. Air Force video by Airman 1st Class Whitney Gillespie)


About Moody Bridge Chat

Bridge Chat's purpose is to create cohesive, high-performing teams that foster trust and connection through flexible and consistent small group discussions; in direct response to overwhelming feedback from the CSAF 21's Resilience Tactical Pause.

Caring for our Wingmen is what defines us as Airmen, so we must work to get to know our teammates and the challenges they face. We all have the same responsibility of creating the workplace we want and supporting the people we share our lives with.

Bridge Chat topics are posted here monthly to encourage small group discussions within teams. Beginning the process of recurring discussions can be difficult, but will become easier with time and reinforce the Flying Tiger culture.

To help us initiate and facilitate these discussions, we have included a guide that defines roles and ground rules.

The Flying Tiger Bridge Chat Facilitator provides facilitator trainings for base personnel. Their goal is to create squadron facilitators who take action on ACC's goal of equipping, engaging and empowering Airmen with resilience tools and create high-performing teams who look out for each other. To schedule training, contact 229-257-3211.