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  • Preventing teen dating violence

    Dating violence has become an issue with many of today's teens. We must educate our youth about healthy relationships and work together to prevent this devastating cycle of abuse.Abuse can come in many forms: verbal, emotional, and even sexual. Teens involved in abusive relationships are more likely to have other problems such as fighting, binge
  • New Year recycling commitments

    Here at Moody, we not only recycle materials to help the environment but also to help meet Air Combat Command goals. As this new year begins, the 23d Civil Engineer Squadron environmental office would like to remind base personnel about the importance of recycling and some recent changes in the recycling program that have taken place. The 23d CES
  • Cervical cancer awareness month

    Approximately 11,000 American women will learn they have cervical cancer throughout the year, and nearly 4,000 will die from an advanced form of the disease. This January, during Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, the 23rd Medical Group will be focused on educating women about the importance of the Papanicolaou test or commonly know as the Pap test
  • January enlisted promotions

    Congratulations to the 43 Moody Airmen who will be promoted to the ranks of staff sergeant, technical sergeant, master sergeant and senior master sergeant in the month of January. The following senior master sergeant will be promoted to chief master sergeant:David Barker, 23rd Component Maintenance SquadronThe following master sergeants will be
  • Two worlds, one Air Force

    For almost 10 years now, I have devoted my life to the Air Force. In 2002, I made the spontaneous decision to join the military. I didn't put much thought into it and still to this day, I cannot remember exactly what made me do it, but I did. I didn't know anyone in the Air Force or anything about the Air Force when I joined. When the time came for
  • A Season for Sharing in Fire Safety

    Every year, fires that occur during the holiday season claim the lives of over 400 Americans, injure 1,650 and cause over $990 million in damage.The Moody Fire Prevention Office would like to offer a few simple fire safety tips that can keep lights, candles, and the ever popular Christmas tree from creating a tragedy and ensure everyone has a safe
  • December enlisted promotions

    Congratulations to the 42 Moody Airmen who will be promoted to the ranks of staff sergeant, technical sergeant, master sergeant and senior master sergeant in the month of December. The following master sergeants will be promoted to senior master sergeants:Armando Huerta, 23rd Equipment Maintenance SquadronThe following technical sergeants will be
  • Turkey fryer safety tips

    Each Thanksgiving, families anticipate a perfectly cooked turkey waiting on the dinner table like so many magazines and television commercials promise. Since most do not have the cooking talents of celebrity television chefs, that dream is not always a reality. That is why many of us turn to deep frying our turkeys. With a turkey fryer, what used
  • The importance of flu vaccines

    The 23rd Medical Group Immunizations Clinic began providing influenza Vaccinations to all retirees, dependents, and civilian personnel Oct. 3, 2011. FluMist will be provided to all eligible persons between 2 and 49 years of age. Flu shots will only be provided for those younger than 2 years of age or older than 49 years of age, and those persons
  • 3 easy finance steps after a deployment

    When you return from a deployment, you will face many responsibilities as you return to Moody and your family. One of the most important tasks is to ensure your financial situation is secure. There are several vital areas to watch when you have returned from a deployment. Most of the steps that you can take are relatively easy and do not take a lot