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  • First-line Sentries: defending Team Moody, assets

    Whether responding to an emergency on base or checking identification at the gate, a select group of Airmen work day and night to keep Team Moody safe.The Airmen of the 23d Security Forces Squadron provide security to their home station as well as organize, train and deploy combat Airmen to sustain worldwide combat search and rescue
  • Analysis, documentation keep aircraft safe

    Two sections of the 23d Maintenance Operation Flight use data to paint a picture of aircraft health, here.The plans, scheduling and documentation section, or PSD, enters data about maintenance into the Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS). Afterwards, maintenance management analysis, or MMA, collects and analyzes that data, which can help make
  • Public health delivers healthy force

    In the womb, the belly buttons delivers oxygen and nutrients. After people are born, their belly buttons appear to lose their significance because they're no longer a critical part of survival.In the 23d Medical Group, the public health clinic is their belly button because it monitors Airmen's health and sends them out to various clinics to sustain
  • Air Force gatekeepers introduce recruits to new life

    Civilians take the first step to becoming military professionals every day -- walking into a recruiter's office.At the 336th Recruiting Squadron, anywhere from 10 to 20 hopefuls stroll into one of their 60 recruiting offices throughout Georgia, Florida and South Carolina on a daily basis looking to become a part of the world's greatest Air
  • Domestic violence: a secret issue we cannot overlook

    "Mom, did Daddy hurt your feelings again?" a confused and scared child asked his mother after witnessing a heated exchange between his parents.Being addressed by her frightened child during the aftermath was a surreal moment. This was the breaking point in which she hit rock bottom. She realized she had to make a change and not use the idea of love
  • How education can boost your career

    The Air Force enlisted force structure consists of three separate tiers; Junior Enlisted Airman, NCO, and Senior NCO. To move through the tiers, Airmen must meet certain responsibilities which include living the core values, providing effective leadership, and furthering their education.In fact, education is becoming increasingly necessary for
  • Think pink: Moody maintains breast cancer awareness

    Decisions regarding health can be stressful and time-consuming whether it's deciding to take certain medications, starting physical rehabilitation after an accident or attending therapy after a traumatic event. With October being breast cancer awareness month, one decision people all over the United States may make is whether to be screened for
  • Moody wins big in Operation Talent Search

    Three small boys stand on stage waiting for their selected song to begin. All the hard-work, sweat and time they dedicated to learning and performing their dance has led them to this moment. Justin Timberlake begins to sing 'I be on my suit and tie.' The boys begin to move in sync and to the beat. The crowd goes wild.The three boys, Devinn Dunn,
  • Resiliency events spark change in Airmen, families

    When deployed Airmen return home, life doesn't always bounce back in an instant to the way it was. Sometimes it requires a spark to be ignited before Airmen can begin to recharge and reintegrate back into their daily lives.Not one to sit on the side lines when it comes to Moody's Airmen, the Airman & Family Readiness Center hosted a series of
  • Munition inspectors vital in supporting combat capabilities

    Traveling a long winding road filled with cautionary explosive ordnance signs and low flying aircraft is the norm for the men and women who pass under the banner every day that reads - "Welcome to Ammo Country."Isolated miles away far from their counterparts are Airmen from the 23d Equipment Maintenance Squadron. Within this squadron is the