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  • 347th RQG bids farewell to longtime secretary

    It's hard to miss the two display cases filled with memories, walls adorned with awards and the shy lady who greets visitors with a smile and soft "hello."Sitting behind the desk at the 347th Rescue Group with her bouncy-short, brown hair is a person filled with stories. Throughout the span of her career, Ruth went from being in Germany when the
  • Senior Olympian strives for gold

    While he stretches, he appreciates the overcast sky, light breeze and warm 70-degree temperature, which was a nice break from the scorching 100-degree heat that has plagued Georgia most of the summer. He puts his game face on, prays for a safe run and to bring home the gold in Warner Robins, Ga., Sept. 17.Adorned in a black tank top and gray
  • NCC keeps Moody’s communication paths accessible

    Enclosed in a building, working diligently in the midst of routers, switches and disassembled computer and telephone wires, are individuals troubleshooting and diagnosing communication issues.The task of ensuring over 4,000 people can successfully communicate through their network capabilities comes with great responsibility. This task, however, is
  • Rain or shine: Weather flight keeps aircraft flying

    Every day, weather affects what people do - from when they get dressed, to what they will do during the day to how they can travel.At Moody, weather can affect how the mission will be accomplished and the Airmen responsible for providing that forecast belong to the 23d Operational Support Squadron weather flight."Our main purpose is to maintain
  • ADC defends justice

    A stressful time in any Air Force career can occur when Airmen find themselves on the receiving end of an adverse action. While they may feel alone--they're not, because Moody's Area Defense Counsel supplies their counseling and litigation expertise to all active-duty service members.Moody's ADC is here to assist Airmen of all ranks every step of
  • Egress explosives launch A-10 pilots to safety

    When pilots prepare to fly, they know if the unexpected happens there is a way out. If there is a system failure, levers located on each side of the seat will launch them to safety.Airmen from the 23d Component Maintenance Squadron and the 476th Maintenance Squadron are responsible for ensuring the ejection system on the A-10C Thunderbolt II's
  • Reigning top AF pistol shooter "blasts" competition

    Ready on the firing line!The ten-minute timer goes off and 199 of the 200 shooters advance to their positions.But he doesn't.The wind is playing tricks with his sights and he can't visualize his bullets hitting the target.All that can be heard around him are the sounds of .22mm bullets leaving chambers and whizzing downrange.With four minutes
  • FMT's provide A-10 pilots real-world training environment

    Surrounded in a virtual environment mimicking an A-10C Thunderbolt II's cockpit are Moody's 23d Fighter Group pilots who are trained on different scenarios and manipulated missions.Under the guidance of four Full Mission Trainer instructor pilots, assigned to the 23d Operations Support Squadron, are roughly 60 pilots dispersed throughout the 74th
  • Saving pilots' lives: One parachute at a time

    When an aircraft malfunctions, lives are at stake. If a pilot needs to eject from an aircraft, the equipment meant to save his life has to operate flawlessly in any scenario.The Airmen responsible for packing this equipment and keeping it mission-ready for every A-10C Thunderbolt II pilot, belong to the 23d Operations Support Squadron aircrew
  • Moody entomologists control creepy-crawlers

    From squirrels and alligators to bedbugs and cockroaches, no pest is too big or too small for Moody's bug-guys.The 23d Civil Engineer Squadron entomologists provide clean work centers and ensure safe food facilities by eradicating insects, relocating wildlife and implementing preventative measures in base facilities."Entomology promotes and