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  • ADAPT proactively educates Airmen, helps save lives

    Military members constantly face changes in leadership, the potential to move or the possibility of deploying overseas. Since these situations can induce stress, some people may turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism.In order to combat the temptation of substance abuse, the Alcohol Drug and Prevention Treatment program proactively educates
  • Husband, wife woodwork through life

    For some folks, working with your significant other may seem like a nightmare, but one Moody couple depends on one another in order to get the job done.John Fischbach Sr., 23d Force Support Squadron recreation aide, and his wife Gail, 23d FSS volunteer, work side-by-side at the base woodshop to create wooden showpieces for team Moody."I love
  • The last defense: SRT safeguards Moody from high-risks

    Since the beginning of time, the world's hierarchies have assembled special groups of warriors with the sole purpose of ensuring safety of their communities at all costs.One of these groups is the 23d Security Forces Squadron's Special Reaction Team. They are responsible for defending Moody's perimeters and safeguarding the approximate 6,000
  • Enter the matrix: EM administers maintenance

    Every day, Moody's aerospace propulsion maintainers perform countless hours of maintenance on millions of dollars' worth of equipment. A group of individuals is in charge of keeping track of this maintenance and equipment.The 23d Maintenance Operations Flight's engine management section supports their maintainer counterparts by planning, organizing
  • Moody immunization clinic saves lives one shot at a time

    Annually, thousands of individuals enter Moody's immunization clinic after being alerted that it's that time of year again for their vaccinations. After the notification, anxiety overpowers some and others become weary due to painful and discomforting past experiences associated with receiving shots.Fortunately for Team Moody's personnel, the 23d
  • RAPCON keeps watchful eye on Moody sky

    When skies are cloudy and visibility is low, pilots rely heavily on the air traffic controllers in the Radar Approach Control facility to help them travel safely. Constant training is vital to their mission because it makes sure they know their job inside and out.Air traffic controllers assigned to the RAPCON have the responsibility of monitoring,
  • NDI unit glimpses beyond the naked eye

    Enclosed in this building, there aren't any signs directing patients moving gingerly due to pain from broken bones waiting to see a radiologist. Nor are there expecting mothers seeking assistance from sonographers.However, within the confines of the same building, are a special group of maintainers. Similar to medical professionals, they utilize
  • AGOW historian pens yesteryears

    On Jan. 16, 1957, three Boeing B-52 Stratofortresses of the 93rd Bombardment Wing, later designated as the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing, soared for 45 hours and 19 minutes to become the first jet aircraft to circle the world nonstop. This milestone, and others like it would be lost forever without someone working to keep track and recording the
  • First-line Sentries: defending Team Moody, assets

    Whether responding to an emergency on base or checking identification at the gate, a select group of Airmen work day and night to keep Team Moody safe.The Airmen of the 23d Security Forces Squadron provide security to their home station as well as organize, train and deploy combat Airmen to sustain worldwide combat search and rescue
  • Analysis, documentation keep aircraft safe

    Two sections of the 23d Maintenance Operation Flight use data to paint a picture of aircraft health, here.The plans, scheduling and documentation section, or PSD, enters data about maintenance into the Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS). Afterwards, maintenance management analysis, or MMA, collects and analyzes that data, which can help make