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  • Vehicle Management Flight transports Moody

    In the midst of fire trucks, forklifts and aircraft loaders are more than 40 Airmen and civilian contractors who play a pivotal role in accomplishing the goal of providing safe and serviceable transportation for Moody's 416 Air Force owned vehicles.Consisting of six shops, the 23d Logistics Readiness Squadron Vehicle Maintenance Flight is tasked
  • Dorm management enriches lives of Airmen

    They are known as mentors to some, reliable leaders to others and the Airmen in the dorms trust them to provide the greatest quality of life possible.Enriching the lives of Airmen is a priority to the five Airman Dorm Leaders working in the 23d Civil Engineer Squadron Consolidated Dorm Management Office, serving more than 650 Airmen living in 13
  • Airmen in physical therapy find healthier solutions

    Whether it's a maintainer having trouble with shoulder pain from working on aircraft or a pararescueman finding it difficult to perform jumps due to tightness in the knee, they know they can count on a team of individuals to accommodate their needs.The 23d Medical Operations Squadron clinical medicine flight works diligently to educate, enhance,
  • Repairing aircraft, saving lives

    A daily driver needs routine maintenance: the oil needs to be changed, the tires need to be rotated and when a rock hits the windshield - it has to be replaced. Much like the way we take care of our cars, aircraft need maintenance at one point or another.Similarly, when it comes to well-used aircraft, cracks, dents and overall structural damage
  • Loadbarn houses weapons experts

    This barn isn't painted red and there aren't any animals housed here; however, it does house equipment. Without this barn, the weapons community does not have the venue to teach Airmen how to properly load weapons systems onto aircraft.On Moody, this barn is referred to as the load barn and it's reserved for the 23d Maintenance Group's weapons
  • BHOP cultivates resilient Airmen

    Patients visiting the 23d Medical Group for aches, pains and illnesses normally rely on doctors to find a solution to their problems, but sometimes there is no physically-identifiable reason for their discomfort.Moody's Behavioral Health Optimization Program (BHOP) uses short-term therapy within a primary care setting when stress, worry or
  • ‘Arm’ shop: Works seven days a week for A-10 to bring ‘thunder’

    Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Moody's aircraft are prepared to takeoff and go anywhere to meet the needs of the Air Force. Flying operations never stop, so sacrifices have to be made by maintainers to ensure the aircraft are always ready.For four Airmen from the 23d Equipment Maintenance Squadron's armament flight, the choice was
  • Everything moves through TMO

    Whether it is aircraft, passengers or cargo, nothing can move in or out of Moody without the 23d Logistics Readiness Squadron traffic management office (TMO).As an essential part of Moody's mission, TMO is responsible for coordinating personal property and cargo movement as well as scheduling passenger travel arrangements for permanent change of
  • Snipers hone skills during Royal Air Force training

    He shivered and shook in below-freezing temperatures as pouring rain seeped through his muddied uniform. Clouds blanketed the night sky, casting a darkness difficult to defeat. Even with night vision technology, it was hard to see past his rifle.As his mind wandered to his hunger and lack of sleep, the U. S. Air Force sniper brought his thoughts
  • Talking Tigers aid Airmen with speaking skills

    (Editor's note: The mention of the nonprofit organization Toastmasters International does not constitute endorsement or affiliation by Moody Air Force Base or the U.S. Air Force.)What do Tim 'The Toolman' Taylor and Dr. Spock have in common?The actors for these two iconic TV show characters, Tim Allen and Leonard Nimoy, were both distinguished