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  • Thunder: 74th AMU keeps aircraft flying high

    (Editor’s Note: This story is part three of a four-part series highlighting the different units that played a role in the 74th Fighter Squadron’s deployment.) Last fall, the 74th Fighter Squadron deployed to Eastern Europe as part of a theater security package deployment, with a mission to deter aggression and reassure NATO allies. With only 12
  • 23d MDOS ensures Airmen are 'fit to fight'

    (Editor’s Note: This story is part two of a four-part series highlighting the different units that played a role in the 74th Fighter Squadron’s deployment.)Between the 74th Fighter Squadron’s mission and the time they spent away from home, their deployment was physically and mentally demanding for both the Airmen and their families.To ease this
  • 823d BDS Airmen channel their inner 'Spartan'

    Day one, with no time to prepare for the challenges ahead, a team of four Airmen from the 823d Base Defense Squadron navigated through the darkness, each carrying a rucksack weighing at least 35 pounds, trying to beat the dawn, other teams and the 60-minute time limit.With nine minutes to spare, Team 17 ensured every member made it across the
  • 'Mobility machine' keeps mission moving

    (Editor’s Note: This story is part of a four-story series highlighting the different units that played a role in the 74th Fighter Squadron’s deployment.)The 74th Fighter Squadron recently deployed to Eastern Europe in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve, a mission essential to deterring aggression at the eastern border and reassuring NATO
  • Moody's entomologists keep mosquitoes off

    Spring has arrived, bringing cool breezes on a warm day, cook-outs, picnics, campfires, late sunsets and of course, mosquitoes.Here in South Georgia, there seems to be an overabundance of these pests and because of that, entomologists from the 23d Civil Engineer Squadron have begun to battle the insects.Over the years various breeds of mosquitoes
  • Airman dances his fears away

    Cinderella had the night of her life in a beautiful ballroom, wearing the perfect dress, while her Prince Charming spun her around on the dancefloor. Imagine how different her night may have been if Charming’s moves weren’t so swift and he continuously stepped on her glass slippers.One Airman was tired of being the one stepping on toes and
  • Cutting edge: 23d EMS metals techs cut metals, costs

    As the screeching of machinery comes to a halt and flying sparks settle, individuals emerge from the debris with various tools in hand.Equipped with welding machinery, plasma cutters and micrometers are the 23d Equipment Maintenance Squadron’s aircraft metals technicians, who use their knowledge and skills to fabricate and repair Moody’s aircraft
  • 74th AMU prepares for tomorrow

    Every day at 5 p.m., the sound of retreat can be heard throughout the base symbolizing the end of the duty day for most people. But, for some Airmen on the flightline, it’s just the beginning of their shift.U.S. Air Force Airmen from the 74th Aircraft Maintenance Unit work long hours each night, often into early hours of the morning, to perform
  • Brother's bond strengthened by service

    Military members volunteer to serve and, odds are, they will be separated from their siblings for long periods of time. Unfortunately, this causes them to miss birthdays and the start and growth of families, among other things they talked about while growing up.For two brothers stationed here at Moody, the odds were in their favor. Fate would have
  • Family Advocacy helps individuals gain control of their anger

    Anger is considered a normal, healthy emotion that everyone experiences, but has the potential to become destructive, or even deadly, if it is built up and becomes out of control.To prevent this, the 23d Medical Operations Squadron’s Family Advocacy program is hosting monthly anger management courses for individuals seeking guidance on how to take