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  • MXG Airman's innovation 'triggers' AF-level change

    One maintenance Airman used attention to detail paired with problem solving skills to remove unnecessary and costly stages of maintenance that will save the Air Force money, resources and manpower.U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Jacob DelTedsco, 23d Component Maintenance Squadron electrical and

  • 41st HMU keeps Pave Hawks airborne

    Before they propel into the skies with a choppy, thunderous roar, soaring at approximately 200 mph, Moody’s HH-60G Pave Hawks must be fully equipped to fly at a moment’s notice. Tasked with providing primary maintenance and ensuring the HH-60s are serviceable are the 41st Helicopter Maintenance

  • Armorers equip sentries

    Enclosed in a secure room with cameras and deadly force authorization warnings plastered everywhere, these Airmen arm our sentries with an arsenal that could be used to save lives. Moody’s 23d Security Forces Squadron Armory personnel supply firepower to defend our frontlines at the beginning of

  • 23d MDSS lab techs protect Team Moody

    Normally, superheroes don’t wear lab coats and look into microscopes, but for one group of Airmen, collecting and examining specimens is how they fight the bad guys and save the day. The 23d Medical Support Squadron’s medical laboratory team combines their heroic powers with specialized equipment to

  • Moody pilot embraces new way to serve

    Military aviators are called upon to serve in a variety of ways.A-10C Thunderbolt II pilots provide close air support and a security service to troops in contact, a mission with an immediate tangible outcome for those in need on the battlefield. On the opposite end of the globe – another set of

  • Airman puts trust in the paws of partner

    One military working dog handler and his canine were on day three of a hike in 120 degree weather. The team was leading a group of special forces members through the mountains of Afghanistan when they intercepted enemy radio traffic specifying an attack planned for the Airman and his dog. Tensions

  • Airman’s past helps ‘pilot’ 476th FG career paths

    Day after day, he equipped and unloaded inactive F-16 Falcons and A-10C Thunderbolt II’s with munitions in the sweltering South Georgia heat at Moody Air Force Base, Ga. For 12 years, U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Rusty Harrell, former inactive 68th Fighter Squadron and 347th Operations Support

  • Book club provides escape for Team Moody

    How can you travel across the world, experience an entirely new culture, and even learn a new language all while sitting in the comfort of your own living room?Teresa Houston, 23d Force Support Squadron human resources specialist, believes the journey can be found within the pages of a book.To

  • Moody Airmen helps athlete confront crossroads through crosshairs

    “Competitors. On your mark. Load. START!”On command, approximately 20 individuals insert .177 caliber air pellets into their magazines. The crowd goes wild as they anticipate the start of the Department of Defense 2016 Wounded Warrior Games at the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y. 

  • Aim for success: Airman uses inspiration as weapon of choice

    A young boy slowly scans the landscape while on the hunt for game, stopping as he stares through a rifle’s crosshairs. Struggling to hold and charge the weapon, his father reminds him to concentrate and places him in the proper stance. As the father’s confident hand drapes over his trembling trigger