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  • A bond so strong they’ll trust their life to it

    Airmen from separate Air Force components took time to train and foster relationships that could potentially mean the difference between life and death during their upcoming deployment.For longer than a month, the 820th Base Defense Group and New York Air National Guard’s 105th Base Defense

  • E and E: aircraft physicians

    Imagine flying at 15,000 feet and all at once the engines stop, display screens power down, flight controls fail and the air becomes unbreathable.As catastrophic as this may sound, mishaps like these are avoided regularly as a result of the 23d Component Maintenance Squadron’s electrical and

  • Chaplain gains new perspective

    Deployments often raise thoughts of Airmen in combat zones, operating in foreign communities that may not understand their presence. In some deployed locations Chaplains can provide opportunities for Airmen to get into these communities and give back. One U.S. Air Force Chaplain used a deployment to

  • SERE specialists past, path help others survive

    Growing up in a log cabin in the Michigan wilderness, one young man’s quest for adventure consisted of bushwhacking trails where he’d sometimes end up lost in the middle of nowhere with his survival at stake. While developing a love for finding his way to safety, U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Travis

  • Italian exchange pilot lives thunder standard

    Children dream. Some fantasize about winning the gold or being the best, but one young Italian boy’s childhood dream of becoming a pilot never died and years of hard work turned his dream into reality. Countless hours of hard work and perseverance took Capt. Roberto Manzo, 74th Fighter Squadron

  • Airman shares suicide story, raises awareness

    “February seventh, I attempted to commit suicide. “That day I took eight [painkillers],” said U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Kirk Nelson, 23d Force Support Squadron honor guard head trainer. “My body was shaking and I started throwing-up. I was lightheaded, standing outside in 32-degree weather and

  • Toastmasters make public speaking easy

    After sweating and stuttering in front of peers, agonizing over every mistake, what felt like forever is finally over. While retreating to their seat, the next person walks to the front and the cycle continues.Many people have memories of public speaking like this, but Moody’s very own Toastmasters

  • Conventional ammo's firepower ensures Moody's airpower

    What makes Moody’s combat aircraft a force to be reckoned with? Is it their design and capabilities or the pilot’s expertise? Although one could make a case for each – one group of 40 Airmen would argue the answer is ultimately the bullets, bombs and missiles that show adversaries their

  • ISO team returns C-130s to 'like new'

    Like cars, aircraft have inspections and tune-ups that are done periodically, but unlike cars, aircraft can’t push the limits and skip maintenance because if an aircraft breaks it can’t simply pull to the side of the road.

  • PMEL contractors still 'bleed blue'

    For some, hanging up the uniform doesn’t take away one’s desire to serve. Still embodying this passion is a group of prior enlisted maintainers, who continue to ‘bleed blue.’‘One team, no seam’ is the motto of the 23d Component Maintenance Squadron’s Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory, where