New Year recycling commitments

  • Published
  • By Elvis Lane
  • 23d Civil Engineer Squadron
Here at Moody, we not only recycle materials to help the environment but also to help meet Air Combat Command goals.

As this new year begins, the 23d Civil Engineer Squadron environmental office would like to remind base personnel about the importance of recycling and some recent changes in the recycling program that have taken place.

The 23d CES environmental element has taken on the challenge to ensure that Moody meets the federal requirement to increase recycling and reduce the amount of solid waste that we contribute to local landfills.

Even though it is our office's responsibility to track the waste streams, we realize that we cannot reach this goal without the support of the base populace.

To make a difference recycle as much material as possible, re-use where possible and think before throwing something in the trash.

The following items are the only things that can be accepted during the recycle pickups or through direct deposit at the Recycling Center: office paper; plastic (clean and rinsed); books; newspaper; aluminum cans; tin cans; scrap metal; printer cartridges; card board. To recycle wood pallets, they must be taken directly to the recycle center, which is located on the Eisemann Road on the north boundary road east of the airfield

Recycle pickups are now being conducted by a contractor who should visit each facility once a week. If the facility you are at has more recyclable material than normal, call the environmental office or take the items directly to the recycling center.

The new recycling contractor has pledged to work with the installation to maximize the amount of recycling at the base, but be aware that under this new recycling contract arrangement, the Air Force does not pay for any recycling pickups and these office visits are done as a courtesy to the base.

In order for the base to be successful in meeting its recycling goals and helping the environment by reducing the amount of solid waste being put in the landfills, every person on the base will have to be engaged and involved in the process.

For any questions concerning recycling or what you can do to help, call the environmental management element at 229-257-3849.