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  • Continuing a legacy

    Very few things happen by chance and often times, history repeats itself.The June 1997 issue of Recruiter Magazine contained an article entitled “Making History,” written about Terry Cooper. She was a senior master sergeant who was the first-female squadron superintendent of the 336th Recruiting

  • DM OPFOR bolsters joint training

    Insurgents slowly approach a bazaar, hugging a wall as they creep down an empty street. Armed with rocket-propelled grenades and AK-47s, they are on the hunt for U.S. troops rumored to be in the area. In an adjacent field, an MV-22 Osprey kicks up a thick cloud of dirt as it lands. Excited by the

  • Airmen eliminate biohazards

    A group of Airmen start their work for the day by unloading a tub of pesticides. The weight of the tub shifts unexpectedly, crushing the leg of an Airman. Chemicals spew from the tub causing chemical burns on the Airman’s skin. The harmful fumes from the chemicals cause the other Airmen to cough

  • 822d BDS crawls through FMP

    A child’s first steps are monumental for them and the parents that have coached and encouraged them; but before they walk, they roll over, crawl and stand.Likewise, the 822d Base Defense Group uses Tactical Operation Center exercises, Full Mission Profiles and Mission Readiness exercises to lay the

  • Newest Thunderbird continues Moody legacy

    Upon enlisting as an F-15 Strike Eagle crew chief in 1997, Chief Master Sgt. Jason Hughes, 23d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron chief enlisted manager, dedicated 20 years to servicing six airframes. Now, he will become the newest member of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds.After many years of

  • 822d BDS rolls through TOC

    Rolling over, crawling and standing; all vital phases in children’s development that lay the foundation for when they start walking and running.Likewise, Tactical Operation Center Exercises, Full Mission Profiles and Mission Readiness Exercises; lay the foundation for the development of skills vital

  • 'MAC' keeps munitions booming

    The 23d Equipment Maintenance Squadron’s conventional ammo section enhanced their knowledge for setting up and maintaining their Munitions Assembly Conveyers, Feb. 3, here.A MAC is an $85,000 conveyer belt Airmen use to build bombs. It’s basically an assembly line that helps these Airmen efficiently

  • History of the rank, top one percent

    It has been 57 years since the first Airmen earned the rank of chief master sergeant. Chiefs weren't a part of the enlisted structure when the Air Force was created in 1947. In fact, it took 11 years and an act of Congress before the rank even existed and Jan. 28, Moody added seven of their own to

  • Tinkering technicians save millions

    Time clocks for physical assessments, scoreboards in the gym, aircraft parts, refrigerators, tablets, and televisions—all of these items have something in common. They are some of the things that the 23d Maintenance Group’s Air Force Repair Enhancement Program technicians have fixed, here.The AFREP

  • Sifting through the myths of DDR

    Airmen are entrusted to protect the nation and themselves. Whether it’s drawing a blood sample or packing a parachute, Airmen must be situationally aware with a drug-free, stable mind.Would you want someone who’s high on illegal drugs, or an unauthorized controlled substance such as someone else’s