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  • Cinderella’s Closet makes dreams come true

    It can be stressful for someone to find that perfect dress. Now, Moody has a fairy godmother with Cinderella’s Closet, located at the base Thrift Shop, allowing Airmen and spouses to rent dresses and accessories for free.

    The high expansion foam system in the Fuels Barn, Hangar 646, was activated during a lightning storm Feb. 6 at approximately 7 p.m. Five HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters were inside at the time of the activation. No personnel were present. Moody AFB fire department, civil engineering and maintenance professionals responded immediately.
  • Chaplain: A Friend in the Air Force

    “Airmen are not alone, and always have a friend in the Air Force: the chaplain.” These words spoken by the 23d Wing chaplain lend proof that despite your background, who you are, having faith or no faith, Moody’s chapel staff strive to ensure no Airman is alone and helps in whatever capacity is needed by providing different services to Airmen around base.
  • 23d AMXS Airmen update avionics

    Most of us are familiar with turning a computer off and on again to reset an annoying problem, but what if you had to do that in the cockpit of an aircraft mid-flight? Fighter aircraft integrated avionics specialists assigned to the 23d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron recently implemented an update to solve that problem and keep A-10C Thunderbolt II pilots free from distraction and focused on the mission.
  • 3d WS Airmen train for the future in CFX

    Airmen from the 3d Weather Squadron participated in a certification field exercise, Jan. 13-15, here. The exercise allowed 56 staff weather officers to evaluate the skills needed to provide integrated, tailored environmental inputs to make the U.S. Army more lethal.
  • CLS course expands BDG Airmen skillsets

    The 820th Base Defense Group Medical Cell hosted a Combat Lifesaver Course Dec. 10-16, here. The course equips 820th BDG members with the ability to assist injured personnel until an independent duty medical technician can provide the patient with care.