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  • At my worst, you had my back

    Just over a month ago, I took command of the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing (AGOW). It might be a bit of an understatement to say that this is my dream job. This is my third assignment in the AGOW. I was a squadron commander, vice wing commander, and now the wing commander. One thing I can say with

  • Intentional Parenting

    As a parent, you’re building memories whether you’re intentional or not. So here’s the question, are they going to be good memories or bad memories?

  • The 18th WS transitions to fight future wars

    An organizational vision provides direction and unites a team by illustrating the future of that team. For the “Mighty” 18th Weather Squadron our new vision is, “Integrating Environmental Supremacy to Win Our Nation’s Wars.” To accomplish that vision, guided by Squadron Commander Lt. Col. James C.

  • 93d AGOW stands up operations support squadrons

    The transformation from a community to a weapons system has required a new way of thinking and approaching the TACP mission sets. To support the TACP major weapon system and ensure the Air Force provides this no-fail capability to the Army, the 93d Air Ground Operations Wing stood up two new