TACP Contributions to Joint All-Domain Command & Control

Through an innovative mindset and adaptive awareness as a community, the TACP WS has transformed to meet the needs of the future AF Operating Concepts; TACP are now a linchpin in the future of C2 for the USAF

TACP use forward-based C2 nodes to extend theater networks and provide valuable battlespace information for long-range strikes in contested environments

TACP C2 nodes placed on the forward edge of the battlespace create a mesh network of connectivity and human sensors capable of relaying mission-critical targeting data with the ability to rapidly move locations as required to remain undetectable and unpredictable

The Department of the Air Force continues to work hard to create a force of airmen and guardians with the right mix of skills to meet the mission requirements today and address future pacing challenges

We will continue to manage our personnel programs thoughtfully and deliberately, recognizing that people are our most valuable resource