Results of the 2008 23rd Wing Climate Survey

  • Published
  • By Col. Kenneth E. Todorov
  • 23rd Wing Commander
I recently received the results of the 2008 23rd Wing Climate Survey that took place October thru December 2008. The survey asked Airmen to score 10 "factors" in the workplace to include unit performance, the job and job satisfaction, support for deployment, trust in immediate supervisor, trust in senior leadership, unit flexibility, unit commitment, resources and recognition. 

While I'm pleased to say that your responses indicated a higher level of overall job satisfaction than the Air Force average and a higher level of overall satisfaction when compared to the last survey at Moody Air Force Base in 2005, I'm also reminded that there are many areas we can still improve. Fortunately, we have great programs in place designed to help us improve our workplace and increase our productivity. 

Three areas come through loud and clear as your primary concerns--cuts to people, cuts to money and your high operations tempo. From your comments, it's clear that the Air Force mandated manpower cuts are a major concern for many of you. 

Personnel at all levels are frustrated with additional duties piling up without proper additional training. The Air Force recently addressed problems associated with the Program Budget Decision cuts and solutions are being discussed as we speak. 

For example, next year our service intends to fund one civilian personnel billet per squadron to assist units with day to day administration. While this isn't intended to be a "cure all", it will help. In the meantime, I ask that all Airmen continue to work hard and bring their ideas forward, especially those that save your time and effort. 

The second area of concern was budget cuts. Airmen in our maintenance and operations groups told me of the challenges of maintaining our aging aircraft, the need to improve our supply chain and the need to replace our aging iron. 

The third area of concern was the high operations tempo. You have all performed brilliantly in the current fight. I know many Airmen have deployed three or more times during their time at the 23rd Wing, and I commend all those who have deployed and/or supported those who have deployed. I cannot predict when the high operations tempo will subside, but I can tell you that your country and our Air Force are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. 

In all of these challenges, it's our creative and entrepreneurial spirit that will see us through these tough times. As always, good communication is the key. I challenge all 23rd Wing Airmen to use fiscal responsibility to meet the needs of the Air Force. 

If you have an idea or see a need to streamline a process by making it faster, cheaper and better, I urge you to request an Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century (AFSO 21) initiative or submit an idea through the Air Force Innovative Development through Employee Awareness (IDEA) program. 

Last week I handed out a $10,000 check to Staff Sgt. Greg Boggs of the 723rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron for an idea he brought forward--he saved the Air Force a ton of money and was personally rewarded for his efforts. What's your suggestion? 

Within the next few months, there will be a significant transition of leadership at all levels within the 23rd Wing; however, be confident I'll ensure your concerns are passed along, and I promise you we'll keep working on these issues. 

With your help, we'll continue to do great things together while making our Air Force a better place to work, train and fight. I challenge all leaders at every level to take your Airmen's concerns seriously and to use AFSO 21 and the Air Force IDEA program as tools to streamline the way we do business. As a last thought, I am proud to say that 2,862 Flying Tigers took the 2008 survey, one of the highest "take rates" in ACC. Thank you!

For more information on initiating an AFSO 21 event, contact Master Sgt. Scott Bradford at 257-3702.

For more information on the Air Force IDEA program, contact Tech. Sgt. Thomas Blake at 257-4725.