2010 ESOHCAMP highlights Moody Compliance

  • Published
  • By Jesse Webster
  • 23rd Civil Engineer Squadron environmental division
The Environmental, Safety, Occupational, Health, Compliance and Management Program (ESOHCAMP) is a way to evaluate and improve Air Force processes and procedures in an effort to reduce waste and minimize costs while protecting military personnel, families and all workers and visitors on an installation. 

Department of Defense initiated this protocol to ensure that installations comply with federal, state, local and Air Force regulatory requirements regarding environmental and human health protection, worker and visitor safety, including more specific requirements for inherently dangerous duties.

Representatives from the Air Combat Command ESOHCAMP team completed Moody's audit on April 23.

Unlike an Operational Readiness Inspection, the ESOHCAMP team was not here to "give out tickets" for problems. The goal of the ESOHCAMP assessment was to help Moody identify and correct environmental, safety and occupational health problems that cause the base to receive regulatory violations, and possible fines.

Overall, Moody received a solid rating, with the majority of mark-ups landing in the minor category. Criteria used for this assessment included three categories of negative findings - significant, major and minor.

The ESOHCAMP categories were environmental, ground safety and occupational health. The assessment of each category started with 100 points. The health category was based on all ranked protocols within that category.

The protocols evaluated were as follows.

Environmental: air emissions, hazardous and solid waste, POL, storage tanks, toxic substances, wastewater and water quality.

Ground safety: confined spaces, electrical, eye wash, hazardous materials, lockout and tagout, machine guarding, materials handling, power hand tools, and walking and working surfaces.

Occupational health: chemical hazards, ergonomics, hazardous communications, hearing conservation, OH management, personal protective equipment, respiratory, protection, thermal stress and ventilation systems.

No findings at Moody were found to be significant.

Colonel David Crow, ACC ESOHCAMP team chief, delivered the out-brief to base leadership and management on April 23. During the brief, he expressed gratitude for the exceptional hospitality that he and his team received from Moody.

"Moody was well prepared and did an excellent job for the ESOHCAMP assessment," Colonel Crow said. "I am very pleased with the positive attitude portrayed by all of the men and women on Moody."

Colonel William DeMaso, 23rd Wing vice commander, accompanied the team during an inspection at the 820th Security Forces Group vehicle maintenance operations area.
Colonel Donald Derry, the 820th Security Forces Group commander, greeted Colonel DeMaso and inspectors upon their arrival at the 820th SFG compound and was present for the inspection.

Master Sgt. Joseph Edwards, 820th SFG vehicle maintenance NCO in-charge, Master Sgt. Michelle Brock, 820th SFG unit environmental coordinator, and Capt. Michael Spencer received high marks for an excellent vehicle maintenance operation. The inspector was impressed with the cleanliness and organization of the shop.

"I'm very proud and want to thank everyone who participated in this year's ESOHCAMP audit, especially the key players," said Col. Gary Henderson, 23rd Wing commander, during the out-brief. "To all the men and women that participated in the 2010 ESOHCAMP audit, thank you for your professionalism, support and hard work because Moody could not have succeeded without your help."