New Air Force Legal Assistance website

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The new Air Force Legal Assistance website has changed to: The purpose of the website is to increase efficiency and track client satisfaction with the Air Force legal assistance program.

The website offers three main areas:

- Legal topics: short papers on common legal assistance topics such as wills and family law issues. It also contains links to other helpful sites. Note: this is NOT a substitute for meeting with an attorney and should not be solely relied on when making a decision.

- Legal worksheets: access to online questionnaires for wills, living wills and powers of attorney. Once completed, it will be saved on the website with a ticket number. Bring this number with you so legal office personnel can access your questionnaire and draft your legal documents.

- Online satisfaction survey: after a visit to the legal office, please provide feedback about the professionalism and helpfulness of our legal professionals. This survey is essential for the legal office to understand the needs of its clients.

As a public website, it can be accessed anywhere without a common access card reader. You can review legal questionnaires for your will or power of attorney at home with your spouse and collect any necessary documents or information before arriving at your legal assistance appointment to minimize multiple trips.

For more information, call the Legal Office at (229) 257-3414.