Lack of supervision standards

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  • By Family Advocacy
  • 23rd Medical Group
With school being out, it's important for parents to exercise good judgment in child care and safety during the summer.

The Georgia lack of supervision standards set guidelines to help parents determine the extent of child supervision needed based on a child's age.

It says, children 8 years old and younger should not be left alone, including unattended children in vehicles. Children 9 to 12 years old may be left alone for brief periods of time based on their levels of maturity. Children 13 years old and older who are at an adequate level of maturity may be left alone and perform the role of a child minder for up to 12 hours.

Parents should also consider keeping their children involved with activities during the summer.

Information on summer camps and programs can be found by calling the Youth Center at 229-257-3067. Information on summer camps and programs for children with special needs can be found by call the Exceptional Family Member Program coordinator at 229-257-4789.

Any questions concerning this information should be directed to the following agencies:
- Youth Programs - 229-257-3067
- Family Advocacy Program - 229-257-4805
- Airman and Family Readiness Center - 229-257-3333
- Health and Wellness Center - 229-257-4292
- Base Chapel - 229-257-3211