Moody Pharmacy improves customer service, reduces wait time

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  • By By 23d Medical Group Pharmacy Staff

We are pleased to announce and share with our 23d Medical Group Pharmacy Beneficiaries, the 23d Medical Group Pharmacy continues to make improvements to increase efficiencies, dispense safe pharmaceuticals, and provide a positive experience to all of our 27,000 beneficiaries.


Here are a couple improvements we recently made and a few other initiatives we are implementing in the near future to better serve you.


In February 2019, we completed a workflow overhaul. Over a five day period we upgraded our operating system on 15 computers, merged the processing of new and refill prescriptions onto one system, and increased the automation capability by 17.5 percent. The upgrade provides better oversight of total prescription volume and allows flexibility and surge capacity during special circumstances such as bulk pharmaceutical issuing for deployments.


In March 2019, the Satellite Pharmacy’s medication refrigerator in the Base Exchange was installed. The refrigerator replacement took longer than anticipated as this is a specialty refrigerator which must meet medical standards and be continually monitored for temperature control. By restoring this capability, patients with refills requiring refrigeration no longer have to utilize the Main Pharmacy for pick-up. Now, patients can pick up all their refills in one location.


In addition, the pharmacy has multiple projects to improve customer service and reduce wait times on the horizon. We are working to implement a text notification feature through our queuing system. Patients can choose to be notified via text when their medications are ready for pick up giving them a choice to either wait in the reception area or come back at a time more convenient with their schedule.


The pharmacy is leveraging innovation and technology to create efficiencies for our patients by acquiring a ScriptCenter to be installed at the BX. The ScriptCenter is a safe and secure unit that can store controlled and non-controlled medications allowing patients to pick up medication refills at their convenience during BX hours.


We are also in the process of hiring an additional pharmacist to assist in meeting the overall pharmacy demand.


As we implement these initiatives to better serve our beneficiaries, we thank you for your patience and allowing us to safely meet your pharmaceutical needs.


Please contact the Main Pharmacy at 229-257-3221 with any questions.