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  • How love ‘blinds’ domestic violence victims

    Growing up, I noticed early on that she was different. Whenever I went to her house, she would   always squint; as she left her can of soda and burning cigarettes to greet me. She strained her eyes and came up close as she tried to detail my face. I noticed her gray eye, the one she is blind in from being physically abused. All I ever was told
  • Think Respect - Stop Domestic Violence! October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

    All people have the right to be in safe and respectful relationships. Across the nation and within the Department of Defense, October is designated as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This year's theme at Moody Air Force Base, Ga., is "Think Respect - Stop Domestic Violence!"Respect is the foundation of a healthy relationship. According
  • 9/11: Reliving the moment, never forget

    The hustle and bustle of the nation's busiest city was completely silent and motionless the day the infamous World Trade Center buildings were attacked.Thousands of families lost their loved ones as each building crumbled to the ground destroying anyone and anything in its way.For what I thought would be another long, boring day of school, became a
  • Keep Moody green: It’s not trash, it’s recyclable

    Moody uses 150 tons of garbage a month.According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average Airman creates approximately four pounds of garbage a day. With a base of approximately 5,500 personnel, we accumulate 22,000 pounds of solid waste each day. America is producing enough garbage to cover the state of Texas twice.That was the fact
  • Military Justice Spotlight

    The following information is a summary of nonjudicial punishments given by commanders under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice during the months of May and June 2015. The punishments are determined based on the individual facts and circumstances of each case.Article 15's:A staff sergeant from the 23d Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • Fourth of July Fire Safety

    Fourth of July should be a day of fun and celebration, but it is also one of the most dangerous days of the year. You can keep your Independence Day fun and safe when you follow the proper fire safety. Whatever your plans are for this holiday, be sure you remember these fire safety tips.Fireworks Safety- Fireworks are not authorized for use on
  • Cherish Our Children: April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

    April is designated as National Child Abuse Prevention Month across the United States and also within the Department of Defense. During this month, we have an opportunity to increase awareness about the negative impact of child abuse and ways to prevent it from occurring. When children are abused, it impacts the entire community and rightfully so
  • Operation SAFESIDE: Defending Resources, Preserving Mission

    "It is easier and more effective to destroy the enemy's aerial power by destroying his nests and eggs on the ground than to hunt his flying birds in the air."   -Giulio Douhet, "The Command of the Air", 1921.Integrated base defense traces its roots back to the insurgent conflict in Vietnam. A little more than a decade following the Korean conflict,
  • Moody’s fire prevention office provides tips for spring fire safety

    It's that time of year again -- the Final Four is approaching, the seemingly relentless onslaught of pollen, ever later sunsets and of course, the annual ritual of spring cleaning.Remember the following fire safety tips as you take a walk through your home and develop your spring cleaning plan of attack.Make Your Home Safe from Fires· Check your
  • I am an American Airman

    I am an American Airman...at least that's what the Creed says.   But what do I say when people ask what I am; Geo-Spatial Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Command Chief, Airman... At what point do I stop identifying with my AFSC, career field, or duty position and identify with my Service?  For some, I would say that maybe the answer is rarely, or