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  • Inspector general explains purpose of mental health evaluations

    With the many stressors in Airmens' lives, it is important for them to know how they can receive mental health care and evaluations. A mental health evaluation is a tool available for commanders to use to help prevent Airmen from harming themselves, others or military assets. They give commanders the standards needed to monitor the mental health
  • Honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice

    On Nov. 22, Army Staff Sgt. Braind Williams, whose family resides in Valdosta, Ga., began his journey home from Iraq. Sergeant Williams was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery Regiment, 3rd Brigade Heavy Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Benning, Ga. It was on Dec. 3, that he arrived at Moody by Kalitta Air, met by his
  • Chief master sergeant: The legacy lives on

    December 1, 2009 will be the 50-year anniversary of the top one percent of the enlisted force--chief master sergeant. This anniversary marks the continuation of a legacy that will live on for many years to come.Our first chiefs that were promoted Dec. 1, 1959 were known as "charter chiefs." The 625 individuals that were selected to the Air Force's
  • The past, present and the way ahead

    Over the past several months, the 23rd Wing has been preparing for the Air Combat Command Inspector General Operational Readiness Inspection re-look. Without a doubt, our goal must remain to provide combat forces to theater commanders, which includes the skills needed to deploy our people and equipment in a rapid manner. Our wing mission requires
  • Ancient language, modern weapon: American Indian code talkers

    Moody recently celebrated a holiday that would not have been possible without the Native American Indians' assistance when European settlers came to colonize what would become the United States.Native Americans continued that tradition of assistance when they developed a modern code from their ancient language. Two forms of a talking American
  • ESOHCAMP auditing program to arrive at Moody early 2010

    A "no-notice" auditing program has been scheduled to visit Moody early 2010 to evaluate Moody's compliance with local, state and federal environmental, safety and occupational health laws. Air Combat Command's External Environmental, Safety, Occupational, Health, Compliance, Management Program assessment, known as ESOHCAMP, will affect all members
  • Youth learn valuable lesson of ‘service before self’ during Heart Walk

    The hallways of the Moody Youth Center are filled every day with excited youth chatting about the hottest new video games, technology gadgets and events of the school day. Recently however, the focus of conversations shifted to talk of the Heart Walk.The children were referring to the Lowndes County Heart Walk that was held Nov. 5 in Valdosta, Ga.,
  • Native Americans in uniform: Continuing warrior tradition

    The long history of participation by Native Americans as members of the military is rooted in their culture of the warrior tradition. Their willingness to engage in battle, not to mention qualities of strength, honor, pride, devotion and wisdom, are found in most Native American societies.The American Indian warrior sought to be strong physically,
  • Act like you own the place

    (Editor's note: Chief Master Sgt. Richard Parsons, 23rd Wing command chief, recently sent a base-wide email with this attached commentary to emphasize the importance of taking care of our workplace. "I went to great lengths to find this message because I think it sends a very valuable message about how we treat our base, facilities and offices," he
  • Deployed Moody members overcome 10-mile road race at Balad

    Nine members of the 64th Expeditionary Rescue Squadron completed the Army 10-miler road race here Oct. 10. The first Airman and fourth overall finisher, with a time of 1:03:40, was Senior Airman Nate Simonson, a pararescueman deployed from the 56th Rescue Squadron at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, United Kingdom. Preparing for the new Air Force