Moody prepares for hurricane season

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Whitney Gillespie

As hurricane season approaches and we wrap up National Hurricane Preparedness week, Moody Air Force Base leads in readiness, prioritizing the safety and security of its personnel and resources against tropical storms and hurricanes.

Recognizing the heightened vulnerability of military installations to extreme weather events, Moody has spared no effort in bolstering its hurricane preparedness measures, setting the standard for resilience and readiness.

“The main objective for hurricane season is to mitigate, prepare, respond, and recover before, during, and after a hurricane,” said Master Sgt. Jason Bal, 23rd Civil Engineer Squadron Readiness and Emergency Management Flight superintendent. “The principal objective is for the wing and all personnel to be prepared before Hurricane season starts – hurricanes will disrupt infrastructure, services, and housing for days, weeks, months, and with some catastrophic hurricanes, years. Being prepared now will help mitigate the stress of trying to prepare as a hurricane is approaching.”

Hurricane season starts June 1 and ends Nov. 30. Forecasters at Colorado State University anticipate an "extremely active" hurricane season, predicting 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes, and five major hurricanes.

Preparing an emergency kit is crucial to save valuable time in an emergency and ensure Airmen, their families and pets have essentials for up to 72 hours.

“One of the most important steps in preparation is to have an emergency preparedness kit and a first aid kit,” Bal added. “The second step is to have a plan to secure your outside belongings before hurricane season. This allows you to identify what needs to be secured and where you are storing your belongings so they don’t become airborne hazards which could cause more damage to your property and surrounding properties.”

As preparations intensify for hurricane season, emphasizing the importance of readiness, Staff Sgt. David Weaver, 23rd Wing Safety noncommissioned officer in charge, highlighted the specific challenges faced by Moody due to its military operations.

Moody faces unique challenges because of our mission tempo – between the aircraft, personnel, facilities, and other vital equipment around the installation, being proactive is the key to success when it comes to hurricane prep, Weaver explained.

Not only can Moody be affected by potential storm threats, so can the local community.

“Agreements between Moody resources and local fire, law enforcement, and medical services have been made to ensure a joint effort when it comes to outreach, preparation, evacuation, and lifesaving efforts,” explained Weaver.

To get ready for the season, create a safety plan and visit for hurricane preparedness tips.

For local preparation information, contact the 23rd Wing Emergency Management Flight at 229-257-1772.