Moody AFB community leaders selected for ACC Commander’s Group

  • Published
  • By Andre Jenkins

Air Combat Command recently announced the selection of two local Valdosta community leaders, for its prestigious Commander’s Group, an organization of experienced civic leaders across the country.

The ACC Commander’s Group recently welcomed Tim Keller and Chuck Steel, as new members. Keller and Steel will continue to build upon the group’s legacy of three decades of excellence.

"Mr. Chuck Steel and Tim Keller have been long time supporters of the Airmen and mission at Moody Air Force Base,” said Col. Russ Cook, 23rd Wing commander. “I am excited to see them join ACC’s team and continue their support of Team Moody at an even higher level. Moody Airmen and the mission remain strong because of the continued commitment of local leaders like these."

Each installation in ACC has a primary and alternate member who attend semi-annual meetings to learn about ACC’s mission, priorities and challenges. These meetings, along with regular updates from the command, help reduce the knowledge gap between the Air Force and local communities.  

In their new roles, Keller and Steel will serve as key advisors to senior Air Force leadership and work closely with other members of the Commander’s Group to shape the future of the Air Force.

Keller brings a wealth of experience to the ACC Commander’s Group. As a former member of Red Carpet Committee of South Georgia and Folds of Honor and current member of the Moody Support Committee, Keller is known for spearheading initiatives focused on enhancing the quality of life for Airmen and their families while striving to foster relations between Moody and the local community. His dedication to public service and commitment to fostering collaboration align with the ACC Commander’s Group's mission.

Chuck Steel, another prominent community leader, currently serving as the Moody Honorary Commander Program Chairman joins the ranks of the ACC Commander’s Group with a track record of success. With his background in business, Steel has been instrumental in driving innovation and development in the surrounding community. His extensive knowledge in building strong partnerships will contribute to the ACC Commander’s Group's collaborative efforts.

“To say this is an ‘honor and privilege’ is an understatement,” Keller said. “Knowing that base leadership has entrusted us this task which potentially effects the future of Moody makes this appointment even more significant.”

“Together, Chuck and I understand the importance of Moody Air Force Base and its place in the 15th Air Force and Air Combat Command,” Keller added. “We recognize that all DoD bases do not solely exist by themselves. It’s the local community that can strengthen and support these men and women or choose not to. We can demonstrate that community involvement benefits everyone, which in turn enhances quality of life for the surrounding area.”

With the addition of the new members, the ACC Commander’s Group also recognized the invaluable contributions of Dr. Lucy Greene, who graduated to an emeritus member. As an emeritus member, she will continue to serve as an advocate, however will not actively participate in Commander’s Group events. Dr. Greene has provided invaluable insight and guidance to the group over the last three decades. Similarly, previous CG alternate and former Valdosta city manager Larry Hanson, with his understanding of the local community, offered local expertise and support throughout his Commander’s Group tenure.

"I am highly confident that The Ever So Lovely Dr. Lucy Greene and Larry Hanson will continue their unwavering and dedicated support to Moody,” Cook added. “Their wealth of knowledge and experience will continue to be invaluable as they provide guidance and support to newly appointed members of the Commander’s Group.”

Air Combat Command is responsible for organizing, training and equipping the Air Force's combat forces. The Commander’s Group is composed of senior leaders who provide strategic guidance and advice to the commander of Air Combat Command. Together, these key community leaders and their collective experiences will help to further foster the already strong bonds between the military and the communities they serve.

“I am excited to learn other aspects of the Air Force and Space Force,” Keller said. “Understanding new adversaries, their capabilities and just how Moody can participate in future missions can be intimidating. I look forward to contributing to the continued success of the Air Force and ensuring that we are ready to meet any challenge that comes our way. While the future may look different, my goal is to promote Moody as the ‘Best’ base in the Air Force and continue its strong tradition of Attack, Rescue, Prevail.”