23rd SFS hosts pistol contest in celebration of National Police Week

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jasmine M. Barnes
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

The 23rd Security Forces Squadron hosted an Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) pistol contest May 16-17, 2022, at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, as part of National Police Week.


The contest provided all Department of Defense members in the local area the opportunity to see who has the best shot in an effort to boost morale and obtain the bronze EIC pistol badge.


“It allows the shooters to see what we’re teaching in the (combat arms) class and apply it to the competition,” said Staff Sgt. Tyler Herbert, 23rd SFS combat arms instructor. “It’s another added element to their handgun proficiency.”


Herbert added that the top 10 percent of competitors received the bronze EIC pistol badge.


Out of 40 competitors at Moody, four earned the badge:

Airman 1st Class Ethan Bunker, 23rd Maintenance Squadron

Tech. Sgt. Jeff Sales, 820th Combat Operations Squadron

Staff Sgt. Jesse Peterson, 23rd SFS

Tech. Sgt. Levi Watson, 23rd MXS


During the competition, participants were scored on three different rounds of shooting for a maximum of 300 points. Throughout the rounds, contestants were required to hold the weapon differently and shoot a certain number of rounds at a distance of 25 meters.


While contestants may practice their aim leading up to the competition, they never know what they are going to walk into.


“If (contestants) know what they’re going to be shooting, it will be just a normal day at the range," Herbert said. "It’s meant to be a surprise factor.”


The uncertainty is by design, because it forces the competitors to use all their training to calm their nerves and try to out-perform the other shooters.


But despite the fierce competition, one of the winners gave some advice for future participants.


“Walk in with a clear head,” said Peterson. “Try to be confident about it and just follow the directions. The whole point behind (the competition) is to see where you are, and if you’re not where you want to be, you’re identifying a problem. In some cases, you’re going to be a lot better, so don’t discredit yourself.


“I did a lot better than I thought I would,” Peterson continued. “I was honestly concerned I was going to miss more than I did, but it was fun. I had a blast.”


All in all, the EIC pistol contest allows contestants to test their pistol skills, have fun and show off their targets.


“I love shooting, plain and simple,” Peterson said. “(The EIC contest) is one of those times where I can say, ‘I actually get to do this in the military for fun, not for qualification, not for deployment, not for duty, but for fun.’”


The four winners of the contest will have the ability to compete for a chance to earn more points towards the silver and gold EIC pistol badge.