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What is Required at Your Final Out-processing Appointment

Important: You MUST be in uniform for your final out-processing appointment (ABU/Flight Suit)!

If you do not arrive in uniform, your appointment will be rescheduled, your port call is subject to change and your commander will be notified.

Final outs are scheduled 1 duty day prior to your projected departure date.  Final out-processing briefings are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 0930 in Bldg 105, 23 FSS Conference Room (Rm 113).  Yout Relocations Counselor will schedule you for your final out appointment after your orders have been approved via Total Force Center.  All personnel out-processing will need to arrive by their scheduled time. If personnel do not arrive by their scheduled time, their appointment will be rescheduled, your Port Call is subject to cancellation and your First Sgt and Commander will be notified.

Failure to provide all of the required items below may result in delay of your departure.

____ VIRTUAL OUT-PROCESSING CHECKLIST - All items must be completed/removed prior to your final out-processing appointment. Ensure everything has been coordinated on and virtually signed off before your final out appt. Even if the item is not applicable, you must contact the office of primary responsibility to sign you off.

____ MEDICAL/DENTAL RECORDS OR LETTER IN LIEU OF - For mbrs on PRP or Flight Status: it is your responsibility to obtain and bring your medical records with you to your final out-processing appointment. For all others: both the active duty member and their dependents' medical records will be forwarded by certified mail with a copy of your orders to your gaining unit's MTF. You will be given a Letter in Lieu Of Memorandum which you will provide  to your Relocations Counselor during your Final Out out-processing.

____ AF FORM 5-FLIGHT & JUMP/STAND EVAL RECORDS - Mandatory for all personnel on flying status.

____MOBILITY FOLDER/DOG TAGS - Personnel will bring their Mobility Folder to their Final Out Appointment to include current Dog Tags.

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