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  • Moody civilian says goodbye for second time

    For Thomas Neale a simple choice to join the Air Force led to an unexpected career. The 347th Comptroller Squadron budget analyst, who entered active-duty July 28, 1961, ended his 45-year military and civil service career when he retired April 28. In an era when many men were being drafted into the military, Mr. Neale chose to enter the Air Force.
  • Several 820th SFG Airmen proudly wear jump wings while still showing a ...‘Softer side’

    It’s three weeks of intense and demanding training. With the daily regiment of running more than three miles per day at a nine-minute per mile pace, only the most physically fit “jump” at the chance to apply. Using determination, motivation and courage as their platform for success, several 820th Security Forces Group Airmen here proved they had
  • Playing the Pro: Slices of life

    (Editor’s note: This is the first in a four-part series on Moody’s Quiet Pines Golf Course.) As springtime grips Moody with warming temperatures and the first signs of green are appearing in the grass and trees, more and more people will find a magnetic pull toward local golf courses. As an average golfer who has been known to break 90 on a few,
  • Moody tax volunteer puts skils to test

    Although people look forward to the big refund checks they’ll receive, tax season may be a time to dread because of the massive amount of paperwork required. Dianne Crider, a Moody tax center volunteer, sees it as a time to put her skills to the test. Five years ago, Mrs. Crider decided to volunteer at the base tax center because she wanted to
  • Retired chief shares life’s journey as PJ

    I am wounded, but I am not slain. I shall lay me down and bleed a while, then I shall rise and fight again. This Scottish proverb motivated Chief Master Sgt. Wayne Fisk to continue his Air Force involvement after his retirement, as he did when he visited Moody recently and spoke at the Annual Award Ceremony. His 27-year Air Force journey as a
  • Airman ‘keeps faith’ during hard times

    After losing a leg in a helicopter crash, Lt. Col. Juan Alvarez lived by the motto “keep the faith” to help him through difficult times in his life. “Keeping the faith” was the theme of Colonel Alvarez’s speech at Moody’s annual Prayer Breakfast Feb. 3. As the guest speaker, the colonel spoke to the crowd about his blessings and how faith helped