Consolidated Base Support Center namesake thanks Moody Airmen

  • Published
  • By W. Parker Greene
  • Moody Support Committee
The weekend of June 22 at Moody Air Force Base was a "once in a lifetime" experience for Lucy and for me. The kind words said to us and the honors accorded us are unforgettable and overwhelming. 

Having the Parker Greene Base Support Center standing proudly on Moody AFB is almost more than we can comprehend. The work we have done on behalf of Moody, as well as on behalf of all our outstanding U.S. Air Force members through the years, has been a rare privilege. We are constantly inspired and challenged by your dedication and devotion to duty, maintaining our freedom and security.

We extend our very sincere appreciation to all those who worked so diligently to have the dedication activities take place in such a flawless fashion. On June 22, in addition to the former Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Moody had eight Air Force general officers visiting the base; including our Air Force Chief of Staff, our North American Aerospace Defense Command/U.S. Northern Command Commander and the former Air Education and Training Command Commander. Six members of the group had previously been in command at Moody. These recognized leaders were our guests as well as yours and we were very pleased and proud at the presentation Moody personnel made for them. Over and over we heard praise for the wing, the base, the mission emphasis and the hospitality extended.

Thank you for all that you do for the Air Force and for this great country.