Don't play in traffic

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Annie Evans
  • Safety
As gas prices have soared, so have the number of bicyclists entering base on a daily basis.

The 23rd Wing Safety Office would like to remind Airmen to remain vigilant and use caution while using alternative means of transportation during the summer months.

Riding a bicycle can be just as dangerous as riding a motorcycle or driving a car, and Airmen should be aware of the precautions necessary to ensure your safety.

Lately, I have heard of several Moody personnel riding their bikes through the light exiting the South Gate onto Bemiss Road. Theoretically, there is no problem with this, although riding your bicycle during peak-times on such a dangerous highway is highly discouraged.

After witnessing some Airmen using what I believe to be dangerous bicycling habits, I decided to contact Detective Matt Elsberry, Georgia Sheriffs Patrol, to learn the proper ways to ride your bike down a highway as busy as Bemiss.

Per our discussion, I learned it is not illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk or with the flow of traffic on Bemiss. However, it is illegal to ride on the center divider.

Even though it's legal to cycle with the flow of traffic, the 23rd Wing Safety Office recommends the use of side walks (that's why they're there). Following this small rule of thumb could be the difference between life and death while riding down such busy roads. 

Also, don't forget to wear your safety gear. A helmet is required while riding your bike on base, and if your traveling during darkness hours, so is a reflective belt or vest.

Wing Safety as well as those that would directly have to cope with the loss of a mother, daughter, father or son would like to encourage your own self-preservation by riding on the sidewalk and not "playing in traffic."