Base Advisory Council

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Michael Gouge
  • 23rd Security Forces Squadron
As a military community, one of the many things we share is the opportunity to visit and work at different installations in many areas of the world. 

This shared diversity of experience is of great benefit to "Team Moody", especially when it's used to develop innovative ideas and solutions to improve the moral and quality of life of the base populace. 

Moody AFB has many outstanding facilities and support functions to ensure the highest quality of life for the base community. Many processes and projects are currently in use or are being developed to support the people who make Moody's mission a success everyday, YOU! 

However, without your ideas and suggestions, these changes may not address certain needs or shortcomings. Luckily, we have processes in place for everyone to contribute to improvement efforts.

The Base Advisory Council (BAC) is an organization made up of representatives from all organizations that support the base populace. 

The goal of the BAC is to help commanders identify and solve problems which can affect the quality of life, morale and family readiness of their people. 

The BAC is unique because it can forward issues of concern directly to Wing leadership, allowing for timely and efficient solutions. 

In fact, the BAC recently suggested improvements to the base running track, and as a result, the project has been prioritized amongst other base construction projects.

So what can you do? Your ideas and suggestions can make life better for Moody personnel and addressing them in the correct forum will ensure they receive the appropriate attention. 

The BAC should not be used to bypass the normal chains of command or processes. You should always use the suggestion process that is in place at organizations that service the base populace. 

If there is no suggestion process in place, ask to talk with a supervisor or section leader. Often bringing an idea or suggestion to the attention of the servicing unit is the fastest way to a resolution. 

When normal channels do not work and you believe an issue affects the morale or quality of life of the base populace, bring it to your Unit Advisory Council (UAC) or BAC representative. With your help we can make positive improvements that will allow "Team Moody" to continue to excel in our vital mission.

The BAC encourages all units and organizations affiliated with the base to participate. Everyone has a stake in making Moody a better place to live and work. 

The next BAC meeting will be held in the Wing Conference Room located on the second floor of the Parker Green Building at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 17. 

For more information please contact Master Sgt. Carlos Moore at 257-2047 or Master Sgt. Michael Gouge at 257-5139.