Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Anne Evans
  • 23rd Wing Safety
While Halloween night is supposed to be fun for the little ones, it can quickly become a nightmare for parents if personal risk management precautions are not considered.

Little ghosts and goblins will be out in numbers to obtain their treats on Halloween night. Their priority is getting from door to door. The parent's priority (and ours) should be to ensure they do it safely and without harm to themselves or others. Remember, excited children may forget to follow basic safety rules.

To ensure this Halloween does not result in tragedy, be mindful of the safety of all the little ghosts and goblins at all times. This year, the Wing Commander has mandated trick or treat hours from 6 -8 p.m. Oct. 31 at Moody Family Housing.

We ask Airmen at family housing to refrain from driving during that time. If you must drive in base housing, slow down and be extra cautious. The speed limit through base housing is 15 mph; however, this speed may be too fast during this designated time. The 23rd Security Forces Squadron will patrol the entry and exit points to family housing by car and foot.

The 23rd Civil Engineer Squadron has also constructed a haunted house, located at the baseball field across from the main gate on Bemiss Road.

As children enjoy Halloween, parents should ensure use of sidewalks is adhered to. Pedestrians should also walk on the side of the street facing on-coming traffic when sidewalks are not available. Residents should keep sidewalks and steps clear so children do not trip.

The 23rd Wing Safety office would also like to remind parents to ensure costumes fit properly. Costumes should be short enough to prevent tripping, and the use of oversized shoes or high heels is not encouraged.

In addition, mask openings (eyes, nose and mouth) and headpieces should be large enough to ensure vision and breathing is not obstructed. Carry a flashlight, use reflective belts, safety vests or other reflective material to increase visibility. Knives, swords and similar costume accessories should be made of soft /flexible material.

Parents must also remember the dangers of Halloween continue even after the night is over. Adults should inspect the treats gathered by children before they eat them. Never eat candy when the package has already been opened (loosely twisted, bag deflated, etc.). Immediately report to the military or local police if you suspect any candy has been tampered with.

Sort through the candy and know exactly what your little ones are eating. Do not allow them to snack while trick or treating unless you are pre-inspecting.

These small precautions can be the difference between a fun-filled evening and a tragedy-laden Halloween. So be safe, have fun and enjoy your Halloween.