Moody-specific additions to dress, appearance AFI

  • Published
  • By Col. Gary Henderson
  • 23rd Wing commander
The 23rd Wing commander recently implemented four Moody-specific additions to the Air Force Instruction governing how Airmen present themselves while in uniform.

The new policy, which is effective immediately, augments AFI 36-2903, "Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel."

"The reason behind these changes was to provide clarification and guidance for our expectations on certain issues," said Col. Gary Henderson, 23rd WG commander. "None of these issues alone were areas where infractions were common, but we wanted to provide these directives before they became common."

The first of the provisions prohibits walking and operating a mobile device at any time while in uniform. This includes both texting and talking, and if individuals need to do either of these activities, they must find a safe place to stand while doing so.

In addition to prohibiting cell phone use while walking, the commander also provided additional guidance to three other uniform wear provisions in AFI 36-2903. The authority for these changes lies in the commander's ability to add to, but not take away from, any AFI in order to further his Airmen's professionalism while in uniform.

One of the provisions states that Moody personnel will not mix civilian workout attire with the Air Force physical training uniform while working out. This does not include the optional civilian items which are authorized when worn appropriately with the PT uniform, such as long-sleeved T-shirts, leggings and knit caps. All must be navy blue or black per the AFI and allow the member to maintain a professional military image.

Individuals not on duty may still wear PT items with civilian items. For example, the PT shirt or jacket may be worn with jeans.

"The intent behind clarifying what is allowed for PT uniform combinations was to keep it 'uniform,' for all personnel throughout the base," Colonel Henderson said. "Taking these actions will help maintain and enhance our professionalism while representing the Air Force."

Other than the PT uniform, another provision states that although the green fleece is authorized for wear over the Airman Battle Uniform, all items such as branch, name tape and rank are required, ahead of the Air Force's Oct. 1 deadline.

The last provision states the green or black knit/fleece watch cap is authorized for wear with a jacket while outdoors, but only while conducting activities in place for extended periods of time; its wear is not authorized while transiting from one base location to another.

If an individual would like clarification on any of these, they may consult their chain of command or consult the appropriate AFI at