23rd Wing commander applauds Moody's efforts during ORE

  • Published
  • By Col. Gary Henderson
  • 23rd Wing commander
Team Moody,

First of all, I want to extend my personal thanks to each of you for your dedicated participation during the Phase I Operational Readiness Exercise that took place Jan. 11-13.

We have all been working hard to prepare for our Air Combat Command Inspector General Operational Readiness Inspection re-look scheduled for March 8-12. Since I joined Team Moody in May, we have completed seven Operational Readiness Exercises, and I am very pleased with the wing's progress over the past few months.

During the Operational Readiness Inspection in September, our performance did not meet the Air Force standards in several areas. We have identified those areas in need of fixing and now we are making great strides to improve performance. We have come a significant way!

During the last ORE, we saw steady improvement in both the major areas of aircraft generation and cargo processing. We generated 92 percent of aircraft tasked and we had no major issues with documentation or processing hazardous cargo.

The streamlining of cargo processing and the constant training has made a large difference in safety and timing. Moody's solid leadership from the line supervisors to commanders was also an integral piece in accomplishing the mission safely. We still have some minor areas to polish, but the mobility machine is running much smoother now.

I applaud the great efforts throughout the wing to improve our combat capability. We have come a long way since September, but we are not perfect yet.

There are still many processes to refine and we are working to fix them all. We will place emphasis on job and additional duty knowledge, attention to detail, communication and teamwork in all tasks to continue the upward trend.

Our "dress rehearsal" ORE is scheduled for Feb. 22-25, which will give us one last opportunity to refine our performance. I am confident that with focus and teamwork, we will show the ACC IG team that we are able to consistently provide our unmatched worldwide power to Attack, Rescue and Protect.