Safety Office offers tips for runners, drivers

  • Published
  • By Bert Stamm
  • 23rd Wing Safety
With many squadrons conducting physical training in the morning, Moody personnel may have seen an increase in the number of joggers and PT formations.

The increase in activity could become a potential safety hazard if drivers and runners are not aware of these activities.

The 23rd Wing Safety Office has a few tips and regulations regarding PT formation safety, which can be found in Air Force Instruction 91-207 and Moody AFB Instruction 31-204.

1. Be considerate of the runners when they are out in the mornings. Formations must have someone within the group directing traffic. Speed limit when passing troops is 10 mph.

2. Runners should use the base jogging paths- that is what they were built for. Staying off the roadways reduces the chance of a pedestrian versus automobile mishap.

3. Individual runners must run against traffic, so it is easier for vehicles to pass by. Just like drivers should be considerate of runners, the runners should be considerate of the drivers.

4. Formations must run with the flow of the traffic and must always be using road guards. Reflective vests or belts add additional visibility. Runners have the right of way for crosswalks without traffic control devices. However, don't assume the traffic is going to stop when you run out in the crosswalk. There's a possibility the driver is not fully awake yet.

5. Individual runners and formations must keep their eyes on the traffic and directing them around you in a safe manner. This will help prevent traffic jams and accidents from happening.

If drivers have any problems with the runners in the mornings, the best thing to do is find out who is leading the formation and what squadron they are from. Then, start with their chain of command to help solve the problem. If runners are having a problem with the vehicles, try to get a license plate number and contact the 23rd Security Forces Squadron Law Enforcement Desk at (229) 257-3108.

Any questions regarding this article can be directed to the safety office at (229) 257-3784 or 3968.

Hopefully we can all work together on this issue and make it safer for everyone on the roads. Have a safe run.