Tips for air show fundraising

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  • 23rd Wing Legal office
With the Moody Community Appreciation Day air show scheduled for Nov. 13, many organizations have expressed a desire to take part in the event as a way to make money to fund activities for their members.

While the air show will be a wonderful way to raise money for holiday parties and other activities, members need to be aware of Department of Defense and Air Force restrictions on fundraisers.

To take part in any fundraising activity on base, groups must have registered as a private organization and adhere to the DOD and Air Force guidelines for establishing and operating a private organization.

This includes booster clubs and groups that may have already been established and held meetings, but not formally recognized by the 23rd Force Support Squadron yet. Any organization, association or group that is not registered with the 23rd FSS may not participate in any fundraising activity during the air show.

Private organizations wishing to participate in this year's air show must submit registration paperwork to the 23rd FSS by Oct. 29.

This year, private organizations will be allowed to raise funds at the air show in two ways: signing a contract with the 23rd FSS to provide "volunteers" to staff concession stands and/or selling approved "squadron-specific" items at the booths reserved for private organizations.

More than 120 individuals will be needed to staff the concession stands, giving private organizations an excellent opportunity to quickly raise funds with little hassle. For those private organizations wanting to sell items at the air show, booths will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis for the sale of "squadron-specific" items.

Private organizations will not be allowed to sell their own food, beverages or generic items. Military members may not participate in fundraising activities while in military uniform or during their duty hours.

Concessionaire volunteers will be removed from duty status during the day of the air show, but private organization members staffing their own booths will not be. Private booths selling their own items must use off-duty members, spouses or dependents age 16 years or older to staff the booth.

For more information, contact Sophie Brocks at 229-257-4360.

Any other legal questions can be directed to the 23rd Wing Legal Office at 229-257-3414.