Media Service Provider Changes at Moody AFB

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  • By 23rd Communications Squadron
  • 23rd Communications Squadron
As part of the 23rd Communications Squadron's effort to more efficiently deliver television service to Moody Air Force Base, the current cable television provider, WAM Industries, will be replaced with a combination of internet protocol television (IPTV) and satellite television provided via Dish Network beginning Oct. 1.

The vast majority of base users will transition to IPTV, which leverages the base's unclassified network to deliver the following programming: Fox News, CNN, the Weather Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, Cartoon Network, and the History Channel. Users will access IPTV either directly through their computers or using a set top box that can be connected to a television.

Dorm residents currently receiving digital and basic cable television through WAM Industries need to transition to satellite television on Oct 1. Those with digital cable are asked to bring their digital receivers to Building 924 on Monday, Oct 3, between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. Residents that wish to begin service with Dish Network, please contact Mr. Troy Lokey at 229- 300-6869 or 229 -245-0680, or e-mail him at As both service providers use the same infrastructure, service interruptions of varying durations are anticipated from Oct. 1 - 7.

For any additional questions about the upcoming changes, please contact Staff Sgt. Reggie Evans at 229-257-1685.