Peace Begins At Home

  • Published
  • By Lawanna Barron
  • Family Advocacy Outreach Manager
Across the nation and within the Department of Defense, Oct. is observed as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Moody community will promote the important year round message of nonviolence in intimate partner relationships. This year's theme is "Peace Begins at Home."

Even with all of the unrest in the world today, long-term wars and the constant threats of terrorism, domestic violence dominates the news. Not only does domestic violence impact mission readiness but it has a long-term impact on families. These incidents often leave a community asking the question of what more needs to be done to solve this devastating problem.

A bishop once revealed that in his life he wanted to change the world. It was not until he was on his death bed that he realized that in order to change the world, he should have changed himself. So, the prevention of domestic violence must be profoundly rooted in our individual perseverance of "Peace Begins at Home."

In order to create peace in your home, you must first define what this means to you. Then you must create the power to ensure this occurs. While there may be challenges from deployments, long work hours, childcare issues or even limited finances, your resilience and choice for peace should be foremost. Here are some ways you can work to create a peaceful home:

*Be an attentive listener for all discussions
*Have an open mind and express yourself using "I feel" statements
*Keep your voice tone low and be careful of body gestures
*Take a time out when you are feeling angry
*Compromise and work things out
*Ask for help if you need it
*Be sure to tell your spouse and children how much you love them; tomorrow is not promised.

For more information on prevention programs available or to report suspected child or partner abuse, please contact the family advocacy program at 229-257-4805.