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Final Environmental Assessment for Comprehensive Ground Training on Main Base at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

A Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)/Finding of No Practicable Alternative (FONPA) have been prepared by the Department of the Air Force to analyze the impacts of continued and expanded military ground training activities on Main Base at Moody Air Force Base (AFB), Georgia.

The Proposed Action would continue military ground training activities, including training area maintenance activities, at Moody AFB Main Base; would increase the training activities in established training areas on Main Base by 50 percent to accommodate future growth in training; would create the Tactical Combat-Casualty Care Training Area and implement counter-improvised explosive device training on existing firebreaks and crash trails in Training Area 3; would construct, use, and maintain a new Field Training Exercise site; would establish two additional helicopter landing zones at the Military Operations in Urban Terrain Facility; would renew the lease between the 38th Rescue Squadron and the State of Georgia for the continued use of the Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area for land navigation training; would establish, use, and maintain Training Area 5; would establish, use, and maintain a Multi-Capable Airmen/Agile Combat Employment Training Area; and would establish a new Explosive Ordnance Disposal Proficiency Range on Main Base.

The Final EA and FONSI/FONPA are available on the Moody AFB website at

MAFB is a NO Drone Zone

·Direct attention outward/upward to attempt to locate individuals holding a control or device that appears to be operations an SUAS.

·Report incident via radio or other available means and security forces response.

·Observe the SUAS and maintain visibility of the device, look for damage or other individuals.  Note that current battery life is between 20-30 minutes.

·Notice features of the SUAS. Identify the type of device (fixed wing/multi-rotor/remote controlled) size/shape/color/payload/video-camera equipment/activity of device.

·Execute appropriate law enforcement actions (23 SFS).  Stop, ID, interview, request Security Forces Investigations (S3I), or AFOSI response.

Report ALL drone and suspicious activities to 23d Security Forces (229)-257-3108. If safe to do so, maintain a visual to assist responders in locating.